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Noski Deville, recepient of the Jules Wright Prize 2015, on set Jules Wright PrizeJules Wright Prize Over the past three editions,  the Jules Wright Prize celebrated the behind-the-scenes work by women working in creative technical roles with artists filmmakers enabling them to bring their visions to screen. A £5,000 prize was presented to a female creative technician who has …

Continue reading Over 2000 comments in 18 minutes #CummingsMustGo — Ranjan Balakumaran (@financialeyes) May 23, 2020 The really obvious question is why are there no calls for Sedwills Head? this is coming from the Cabinet Office dirt machine. @JoeBlob20 #DontGetBrinoed #TakeBackControl #PlaceMakingBasics #RealRLD — RealRLD (@rld_real_CPR) May 24, 2020 @rld_real_CPR    

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