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Noski Deville, recepient of the Jules Wright Prize 2015, on set
Noski Deville, recepient of the Jules Wright Prize 2015, on set

Jules Wright PrizeJules Wright Prize

Over the past three editions,  the Jules Wright Prize celebrated the behind-the-scenes work by women working in creative technical roles with artists filmmakers enabling them to bring their visions to screen. £5,000 prize was presented to a female creative technician who has played a significant role in the area of artists’ moving image production in the UK.  The Jules Wright Prize 2015-17 was presented in  partnership with Film London and given as part of the Jarman Award.


In 2015, Noski Deville received the inaugural Jules Wright Prize for her exceptional collaborations in the role of cinematographer with artists such as Alia Syed, Jananne Al Ani, Steve McQueen and Isaac Julien.

In 2016, editor Lucy Harris received the Prize for her intelligent, collaborative and sensitive approach has positively contributed to both the rhythmic qualities and the conceptual structure of a diverse range of artists’ works including Rosalind Nashashibi.

In 2017, sound designer Chu-Li Shewring received the Prize for her exquisite ‘invisible’ art and craft of layering emotions, mood and underscoring actions in films by artists such as Steve McQueen, Frances Scott and Ben Rivers.


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