#RealRLD #AuthenticPlaceMaking. #PlaceMakingBasics . Return To Base. Trinity Buoy wharf, Poet at Large ( “Piss Off early Tomorrows Saturday”.) Authentic Placemaking re commences On Orchard Wharf, New Living Working Base for RLD @Trinity Buoy Wharf

Full Post on RLD Blog. http://www.realrld.com/blog/placemakings-coming-home-placemakingbasics-authenticplacemaking-realrld-to-come-back-to-orchard-place-trinity-buoy-wharf RealRLD @rld_real_CPR     10 hours ago, 5 tweets, 4 min read  Bookmark Save as PDF  My Authors The Wharf by Rupert Murray#AuthenticPlaceMaking #PlaceMakingBasics #TrinityBuoyWharf The

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