Grand Designs s08 ep06 bath the bath kit house. Why Home@gineers like our Volume Housebuilder skill Set!

Grand Designs s08 ep06 bath the bath kit house. Why Home@gineers like our Volume Housebuilder skill Set!

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I think when we first thought we’d
really like to have a German house,
we were rather seduced by all the glossy
adverts that suddenly started to appear.
We started a dialogue with a couple
of companies,and we very soon discovered to our great
disappointment that it wasn’t
quite so straightforward.

Kevin attempts to help helps Tiffany and Jonny with their dream of creating an ultra-modern, eco-friendly home in Bath in the west country. Rather than go down the traditional building route, Tiffany and Jonny opted for a German pre-fabricated kit house with great green credentials. But before they could even think about building their house they had to prepare their site: a fiercely steep hillside. Tiffany and Jonny embarked on the biggest ground works project Grand Designs has ever seen, costing around £300,000. And, just when they were about to complete these mammoth works, the weather turned bad and disaster struck. Their neighbour’s wall collapsed in a storm. The resulting damage could have cost them nearly £100,000. Determined to carry on, even through 80 tonnes of extra mud, Tiffany and Jonny persevered, and a year into their project, were finally able to go to Germany to choose their house. Every fixture and fitting had to be decided and, once made, no changes were allowed. Now, with the promise of the house taking only five days to go up on site, and with no possibility of landslides, hopefully their build will now run smoothly.
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