#RealRLD #AuthenticPlaceMaking. #PlaceMakingBasics . Return To Base. Trinity Buoy wharf, Poet at Large ( “Piss Off early Tomorrows Saturday”.) Authentic Placemaking re commences On Orchard Wharf, New Living Working Base for RLD @Trinity Buoy Wharf

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2/2 We suggest that #Web3 distributed networks eclipse the Centralised and Cloud server model with P2P end to end encrypted models emerging outside of the Surveillance Capitalism Google/Amazon/FaceBook Model. Free Market Capitalism back for Brexit #RealRLD



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The Wharf by Rupert Murray
#AuthenticPlaceMaking #PlaceMakingBasics #TrinityBuoyWharf The Incredible and peerless Trinity Buoy Wharf Eric Reynolds, John Bruton, Eric Sorenson, Cynthia Grant, Piers Gough This is my Docklands these are my heroes. #RLDReal 

Gillian Burrows@ArtistGilly

Gillian at the Trinity Art Gallery London City Island preview exhibition with her diptych of London Blues

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@rld_real_CPR. @ArtistGilly. HI GILLIAN l am coming back and doing it over. Have you kept any piccies of the Orchard Place Murals.

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