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‘Global stock markets suffered their worst day since Europe went into lockdown in March yesterday as concerns about a second spike in Covid-19 and a slow economic recovery spooked investors’. (The Times)

The only possible way to get through this is to laugh. Concerns about something that a majority of virologists doubt will happen is hokum even by MSM standards. But hey – you’ll never guess – traders just noticed that there’s going to be a slump that not even the shovers and makers can hide.

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The Faucian Pact.

Hieronimusb on June 12, 2020 at 3:54 pm
As you ably demonstrate, any logical analysis of bourse behaviour which relies on economic or any other performance is entirely pointless, and even satire is hard put to find traction on a subject so slippery that absolutely nothing stands up. A Faucian pact has been made with the Mephistophelean manipulators of financial anti-matter for the benefit of the heads we win, tails you lose, Brotherhood of Bonkers Banking and Asset Acquisition. While we remain locked in a state of suspended agitation, the hellhounds of hubristic destruction continue to surf every wave of an unrepayable debt tsunami that threatens to engulf us all.
Sometimes your gems may go unappreciated. So I hereby designate ‘A Faucian Pact’ as intuitively funny Grand Prix term of the Month.
I just listened to a Lecture on Goethe and Kant and truth and freedom(1) I think Robert Johnson may well have seen the Boris Karlov silent movie of Faust.

I also watched the Wizard of Oz with my Kids last night,

Alas! for the man who has little
in his noddle that he knows!
He’s under a ban and is called
a rattle-pate where e’er he goes.
He always does the very thing
he never ought to do,
He stumbles, and he fumbles,
and is aimless.
A lobster is he as anyone
with half an eye can see,
You can hear them jeer and sneer,
for his wheels are out of gear–
and it’s plain he’ll remain
quite brainless.

Roger Glyndwr Lewis · Paradigm

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