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them niggers, Jews and Sigma Nus All they ever do is breed And wops ‘n micks ‘n slopes ‘n spics ‘n spooks Are on my list And there’s one little heeb from the heart of Texas Is there anyone I missed?”Rhinos Twats Cunts and Trots and Ruskies and the reds But St Theresa ya’ll should know is an effin Stay- lin- ist.

Me neither…..



The University of Suffix having created a new Chair and Department of Virologically Cultural Modelling Studies, The Slog has been given exclusive access to its first staff meeting on the subject of creating a gestalt for every heads-up subject in the progressively already settled-science space, whereby such can become enshrined in all Law everywhere without exception. Or else.

Professor Neil Bending: The obvious success of obliterating all human history so far has been such that I would ask all teaching staff in this new discipline to vote in an open-minded manner to extend this practice. Openness being a key to progress, may I have a show of hands please?

(Record shows seven arms saluting in solidarity)

Grockel Teenturd: Poo pants.

PNB: I’m sorry?

GT: Poo in pants

EB: Gosh, is this yet another revelation from the Wunderkind?
DS: Yes…yes….I see – the Antifa symbolism….throwing their excrement at the reactionary scumbigots?

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Absolutely Brilliant From the Slog, a must read.
I sent this to a US business contact earlier this morning.

‘I have been meaning to message again to set up a time, I have been very busy getting back into the Market and absorbing a huge amount of Data on the Quasi Stalinist regime now in control of the London Planning system, as always these commies cover up their stupidity with more words than would be necessary to do something in a common sense way.’

another exchange regarding Cultural marxism,
Double Standards and the problems of Cultural Marxism going Full Stalinist!

Stephen Hughes ACMA, CGMA 1st degree connection 1st
Financial Controller at HUBER Packaging Group GmbH
Roger Lewis no “cultural Marxism” is an alt-right conspiracy theory. All those scary Marxists in their slow march through the institutions etc.

If you want to know about Marx. Just ask a Marxist.

Roger Lewis You
Real Estate Land and Development Limited at Real Estate Land and Development Limited
Stephen Hughes ACMA, CGMA
it is not an Alt Right conspiracy theory.
It describes a view of political economy and People Like Aaron Bastani deny such a thing exists as his own Authoritarian Stalinist views are exposed when looked at through a lens permitting a view of What the Frankfurt school is all about and which is indexed as “Cultural Marxism”
Defined Within its own Domain just to put it on a bumper sticker for you.
“Cultural Marxism is a short index meme which references the Long Winded Marxist theories of Dialectic Materialism”
It’s that simple, Calling it a Conspiracy theory does not make it one.

”They [the Marxists] maintain that only a dictatorship—their dictatorship, of course—can create the will of the people, while our answer to this is: No dictatorship can have any other aim but that of self-perpetuation, and it can beget only slavery in the people tolerating it; freedom can be created only by freedom, that is, by a universal rebellion on the part of the people and free organization of the toiling masses from the bottom up.´´
—Mikhail Bakunin, Statism and Anarchism[36)


First five-year plan


The Five Year Plan saw the expedited transformation of Soviet social relations, nature, and economy. The plan’s greatest supporters viewed it as the means to change the Soviet Union economically and socially. This change was visibly seen in the role of women in the industrial workplace where rudimentary figures show they comprised 30 percent of the workforce. The prevalence of women within the industrial workplace saw International Women’s Day rise in significance in Soviet Culture.[53]

The Five Year Plans also saw a cultural change in the decline of the Kulak population within the Soviet Union.[53] Members of Agitprop brigands attempted to use the push towards industrialization to isolate peasants from religion and away from the formerly influential Kulak population with performances in which they would deem that issues faced by peasant populations were the faults of the Kulaks.[53] From 1929 through 1931, 3.5 million Kulaks were dispossessed by the Soviet Union and left with no choice but relocation to cities.[52]

State Investment[edit]

As a result of the First Five Year Plan, state investment volume increased from 15% in 1928 to 44% in 1932 due to the rise in industry.[54] The First Five Year Plan resulted in the easy access of staple foods bread, potatoes and cabbage across the Soviet Union.[54] Severe drops in agriculture did however result in famine and inflation as agricultural output and livestock numbers in general dropped.[54]


Soviet reports from before the Five Year Plan found that much of the military production capacities in the Soviet Union lay in the country’s war threatened Western provinces and notably the city of Leningrad.[55] In 1931 evacuation plans for military production facilities into deeper Soviet territories were drafted[55] beginning a policy that would accelerate and relocate deeper within the Soviet Union during World War II.

Film Industry[edit]

Between 1929 and 1936 the Soviet Union shifted from producing solely silent films to solely sound films.[56] During this period the Soviet Government signed agreements with American, French and German companies to develop sound technology for Soviet cinema.[56]


Here we have it straight from the horses mouth.


Process made dystopia by the pursuit of what aboutery and virtue signaling “Should upmanship


Many 20th-century attributions claim that philosopher and psychologist William James is the source of the phrase.[8] James referred to the fable of the elephant and tortoise several times, but told the infinite regress story with “rocks all the way down” in his 1882 essay, “Rationality, Activity and Faith”:

Like the old woman in the story who described the world as resting on a rock, and then explained that rock to be supported by another rock, and finally when pushed with questions said it was “rocks all the way down,” he who believes this to be a radically moral universe must hold the moral order to rest either on an absolute and ultimate should or on a series of shoulds “all the way down.”[9]


Have these morons never heard the term, Garbage in Garbage out?

p.9 4.2

“Past problems of valuation complexity could well be resolved with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – Zoopla probably sets local property prices more efficiently and more accurately than the estate agency industry does!”

Click to access pos-mbp8-lvc.pdf


#Proper #PropTECH #MIPIM #MINDS #DataBases #Graphs An evaluation of Valuation v Priceification #FoolsGold #DataRush

Roger Lewis

Status is online

Roger Lewis

Real Estate Land and Development Limited at Real Estate Land and Development Limited
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Oscar Wilde defined a cynic in Lady Windemere’s fan as; ” a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”.

Big Data is the new oil, the Black and White gold or, the pixelated fools gold perhaps? Huge valuations are placed upon companies who can however incongruously or implausibly graft on the pre-fix or Suffix “- Tech, Tech – TECH”.

An old computing maxim is Garbage in Garbage out, that’s self-evident of course, “pigs ears and Silk purses” and all of that. But let’s remain in the porcine metaphor is Big Data really just “pearls before Swine”.



Roger Lewis How is Bastani Stalinist?

Its just my opinion I find him Authoritarian and supportive of what I consider Stalinist Elitist derigism, I consider Much UK and EU fusion doctrine policy to be Stalinist . “Staylinist” you might call it. Maybe you think he is some sort of Trotskyist? maybe that is a better categorisation if you see any redemptive qualities in that, I personally do not.


them niggers, Jews and Sigma Nus All they ever do is breed And wops ‘n micks ‘n slopes ‘n spics ‘n spooks Are on my list And there’s one little heeb from the heart of Texas Is there anyone I missed?”Rhinos Twats Cunts and Trots and Ruskies and the reds But St Theresa yall should know is an effin Stay- lin- ist.

SKRIPAL: Race-card games at Westminster as 81 Novichok patents found in the US.

methoughtful Labour in Old Race Scandal, Tories in New Race Scandal. What started as an observation about Jeremy Corbyn’s embrace of anti-Semitism in the past (service ball via Tory spin HQ) has been returned by a Labour volley blasting what Mother Theresa did as Home Secretary to West Indians. Meanwhile, thanks to some solid investigative journalism, Russian claims that more Novichok is available in the US than the RF have been proved correct.
The old masthead at The Slog used to say everything now is distortion and distraction. Not much has changed in the eight years since.
What should be the top news story today will be ignored completely by the old Western media, because it fires yet another torpedo into the Skripal hoax, which was of course the ‘Sarajevo moment’ that led to the Missile strike against Assad.
We’ve already seen in these columns how 70 out of…
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