#156. Actual fantasy

“That means that, whilst as purists we might prefer to set out our findings in calories, BTUs and joules, we have to talk in dollars, euros and yen if we’re to secure a hearing. It also means that we need models of the economy based firmly on energy principles.”

This conflates Apples and Oranges particularly when one talks of Borrowing Value from the future.
Debt is a claim on future Wealth but not future wealth. If wealth is Surplus energy then Borrowing can only sensibly be expressed as Borrowing Future Energy Streams. Energy Budget have to be expressed qua Energy budgets a subjective value-based currency unit is simply not up to the job.

The Gulf in understanding and Speaking at crossed purposes inherent in maintaining the Old Financial artifices, and artifices are what they are, will maintain the ignorance of the majority of people. This is I think perfectly acceptable to those of an Elitist world view and Mindset.

Embodied Energy pricing and circular economy concepts along with DIstributive concepts of political economy and not re-distributive taxation and state-based centralised top-down control mechanisms are what is required. Vested interests are not going to listen anyway Tim, Afterall Turkeys do not vote for Christmas.

Finally, Interest charged on a dead medium is unsupportable by definition, this is the driver of the Growth requirement it’s the debt-based Financial system, and debt and taxation as a political control mechanism of the masses is something which again Elitist world views are more than comfortable with and simply do not wish to let go of.



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