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I posted a video yesterday which I streamed live over Stream Yard to Periscope (Twitter) You Tube and Facebook.

Here are the links to the ABC Interactive Maps and the real CLear Politics Battleground states page.

Clinton/Trump 2016

ABC People Pick conjectured Biden Victoy.

The Gingrich 326 map?

Top Battle Ground States Latest Polling

Trafalgar Battle Ground States 30th October.

Globalist Influencers, The Biden Camp.

Mapping 2015 Ebola Outbreak Map

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WEF Davos World Economic Forum Jan 2016
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twitter connectors Flocks and Tribes 2016 Presidential contest.
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Nigel Farages Arizona Speech.

Brexit and Trump 2016 are intimately connected to the grass roots resistance of ordinary people to Globalism, and the Davos serfdom proposed by Claus Schwab.

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Big Tech, Tyranny of the Nerds.

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Why I changed my mind about Brexit
John Swain
John Swain
Feb 7, 2019·2 min read

I was unsure which way to vote on Brexit. I didn’t trust a word either side said but would probably have voted for the status quo. In the event I was away from home at short notice so did not have to make that decision.
However, the spectacle of incompetent and malevolent politicians has made me come to a different conclusion.
Here is my thought process:
Some politicians (for whatever reason: greed, incompetence, ignorance. It does not matter) cannot be trusted and will make very bad decisions for ordinary people.
Ordinary people have no way of deciding which politicians are bad.
History has always shown, that these bad politicians are capable of reaching positions of great power via the democratic process (as a result of point 2).
The more remote and complex the system of government the harder it is to scrutinise bad politicians and therefore, exacerbates the problem of bad politicians in positions of power as the oversight that ordinary people have is even less effective.
The EU is a complex system, designed by the same politicians we know we cannot trust.
The consequences of bad actions in complex systems cascade in unforeseeable and uncontrollable ways causing catastrophic failure.
Complex systems in nature only exist in equilibrium after many iterations of selection. Human-designed complex systems always fail.
The benefit of the complex financial, economic & political system is a small marginal economic gain which is only achieved at the risk of the above catastrophic failure.

Lynton Crosby, Frank Luntz, Roger Stone , “the Quals lead the Quants”.

Don’t Get Fooled again.

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