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Ariadnes Ball of String. Back to Golem. To Whom do we owe this Money? StrudyBlog, Golem, The Slog, Robin Smith. Dr Adrian Wriggley #RichardWerner via @rld_real_CPR — RealRLD (@rld_real_CPR) November 12, 2020 Click to access Integral_Money.pdf Redefining Fiscal Conservatism. The Terra/Energy Based Fiscal Unit. Föres and Lagom White Paper, Boundary Conditions for a Fiscal …

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Its hard to confront the extent to which those things we hold dear have been sysematically eroded. The NHS, The electoral System, standards in public life. Common sense , good manners and decency. The rotten stench emanating from the corridors of power and their sirens in the media leave the obvious choice as the simple …

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