Ian R Crane – The Green Agenda and Population Reduction (AV3 2009 Presentation) #Contrick19 #CovidPurpose #Covid1984


Ian R Crane – The Green Agenda and Population Reduction (AV3 2009 Presentation)
The Green Agenda and Population Reduction

Ian R Crane

Billions of dollars are being spent to convince humanity that the presence of the Human Race on Earth is the real threat to the species. The ultimate goal is to replace Six Billion Humans with 500 Million Super-Humans – a reduction of 90% (refer to ‘Georgia Guidestones’ for the details).

“Outrageous, impossible,” I hear you exclaim.

If this is your reaction, you will probably not be interested in reviewing the evidence, presented by Ian R Crane at AV3, which demonstrated that the ‘Enlilian Mafia’ do not have our best interests at heart.

However, it is distinctly possible that there will have been significant ‘collateral damage’ as a result of the mass vaccination programme associated with the Swine Flu scam since his presentation at AV3; tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands more unemployed; many thousands will have their homes re-possessed; life-savings and pensions have been (and will continue to be) decimated … not to mention the escalation of illegal wars and the continuing genocide of the Palestinian people.

All the while Al Gore (on behalf of Goldman Sachs) promotes the Green Agenda and his seriously-flawed Carbon Trading Scheme. A scheme designed to enhance the life-style of the ruling-elite whilst pushing (what remains of) Humanity back into the Dark Ages.The Green Agenda & Population Reduction.

Filmed at The Alternative View 3 Event in Bristol – November 2009

Ian R Crane
Ian Crane videos

Ian Crane videos

From Ian’s website:

“Western governments have lost contact with the people, social reality and Humanity in general. We are firmly ensconsed in a time of chaos, brought to a head by the contrived banking crisis, collapsing economies, rising unemployment and capped by completely absurd and unnecessary austerity measures; targeted primarily at the lower echelons of society. Those who believe themselves to be the Rightful Rulers of a Planetary Fiefdom are becoming increasingly desperate to establish their One World Corporation. Their vision is for total control of all planetary resources including the Human Resources, which they intend to reduce to a more ‘manageable’ 500,000,000! For the past 66 years, Western governments have successfully kept the people locked into selfish consumerist materialism, preventing them from realising who they truly are and from seeing what is really going on. However, things are not going entirely to plan as ‘THE SHIFT HITS THE FAN’ and accelerates the awakening of the masses at an exponential pace…

“Former oil industry executive Mr Crane has become one of the leading authorities in deep geopolitics, where geographic, economic, social, political and spiritual issues conjoin. He said, ‘Once you understand what the eventual goal is for the global society, then actions in the present, which seem irrational or bizarre, become far easier to comprehend … and easier to prepare for what’s coming next!’ As recently as May 15 last year, arch-strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, senior advisor to Barack Obama, stated that, ‘… the greatest obstacle to establishing a One World Government is the rapid political awakening of the masses,’ Mr Crane’s presentations aim to take that awakening one step further. He presents evidence in support of his assertion that the current global economic meltdown has been carefully fashioned to bring about the financial bankruptcy of sovereign nations. However, Mr Crane also focuses on solutions. The central bankers do not want people to comprehend these approaches, he says, preferring to maintain a campaign of austerity and fear.”


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