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THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM by Emmanuel Goldstein. “Translators – are false horses of enlightenment” (Pushkin) via @rld_real_CPR — RealRLD (@rld_real_CPR) November 15, 2020 Wheres the Beef, Meat and Two veg or boiled beef and carrots. Tyranny of the Vegans. Brick in the wall. Hole in the wall.A WARNING FROM TOMORROW . …

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Quines Two Dogmas of empiricism gives many insights to the limitations of technocratic faith systems. ´´ As an empiricist I continue to think of the conceptual scheme of science as a tool, ultimately, for predicting future experience in the light of past experience. Physical objects are conceptually imported into the situation as convenient intermediaries — …

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