#BuildBackBetter Part 1 and Part 2 #WEF #4IR “La réforme, oui. La chienlit, non ! ” #GreatReset #TheGreatReset #CovidPurpose


In Part 1 https://www.yumpu.com/s/H8n64zmFkLTPGMRN
we had this as our primer statement.
Following the second Lockdown and the huge QE bail outs ostensibly for Main Street but largely for massive concentration of Corporate Wealth and control , this booklet gives a framework of how free markets and market led credit based distributed sovereign money is the way to build back better.
The present course led by Mark Carney throws the main street baby out with the Surveillance Capitalism #4IR Bath Water.

“La réforme oui, la chienlit non” DeGaulle/Macron Trump/Nixon Xi Jinping/Mao Zedong, The Exorbitant Privilege Don’t let Boris shit the NHS bed with his Reheated May Brino.

In Part 2, we look at Mark Carney’s new role as set out in the Guardian in december 2019 and consider these statements with the Great Reset narratives coming from the World economic Forum and previous papers on World Reserve Currency reform from after the Global Financial Crisis. And Also going back further to the Nixon Shock, when Connolly famously said Its our Currency but your problem and Degaulle famously quipped. La réforme, oui. La chienlit, non !

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Chienlit is a traditional French term typically translated as masquerade (French: Mascarade) or carnival/chaos. It was brought to notoriety by General Charles de Gaulle in an angry speech during the student protests in Paris during May 1968 in France, when he used the vernacular term as a scatological pun “La réforme oui, la chie-en-lit non” meaning Reform yes, but chaos – no whilst the pun was Reform – yes, shit in bed – no .

The term is now common parlance in French political commentary, used both critically and ironically referring back to de Gaulle.


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