Building Back Better double dip into Carbon Credit double dipping. A #MODULOFT inquiry.


This is part of the Sustainable development Goals , FInance and the Built environment series . Focusing on the emerging residential mortgage market with particular emphasis on the Volume budget homes and First time Markets of the UK.

In Part 2

In part 2, we looked at Mark Carney’s new role as set out in the Guardian in december 2019 and consider these statements with the Great Reset narratives coming from the World economic Forum and previous papers on World Reserve Currency reform from after the Global Financial Crisis. And Also going back further to the Nixon Shock, when Connolly famously said Its our Currency but your problem and Degaulle famously quipped. La réforme, oui. La chien-lit, non !

In Part 1

we had this as our primer statement.
Following the second Lockdown and the huge QE bail outs ostensibly for Main Street but largely for massive concentration of Corporate Wealth and control , this booklet gives a framework of how free markets and market led credit based distributed sovereign money is the way to build back better.
The present course led by Mark Carney throws the main street baby out with the Surveillance Capitalism #4IR Bath Water.

“La réforme oui, la chienlit non” DeGaulle/Macron Trump/Nixon Xi Jinping/Mao Zedong, The Exorbitant Privilege Don’t let Boris shit the NHS bed with his Reheated May Brino.

This is a summary of and response to the New Horizons WEF session from november 10th. Mark Carney is the Keynote and there are also contributions from Christine Lagarde and Andrew Bailey.
Moduloft is committed to the Entry Level budget homeownership Market. Delivering affordable Homes and the means to Finance them literally without costing the earth.
Moduloft is Green by design, and Affordable by design , we are experts in materials passports, Energy based economics and Placemaking.
We do have questions though; regarding the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals, and whether financial products are being developed for our Customer price point?
This coming week we will publish a series of discussion papers surrounding this question:

Is 21st Century Britain, in 2021, going to be a Home Owning democracy or, a Rent seeking Banana Republic?

Carbon emissions and the building and construction industry along with heating , cooling and lighting of the built environment are large emitters of CO2 and users of energy.
As such Embodied energy, Embodied Carbon and finance linked to embodied carbon or Carbon emissions reporting, are especially relevant to charting a course for our future business planning at Moduloft.

Follow the money, The green New Deal sustainable development goals , Planning policy, Land Value capture. Why the UN do not want people to own their own home and achieve financial independence.

#WrongKindofGreen There is an alternative . #GreenHorizons #CovidPurpose #CLimate #Agendas21and30

Climate Communication, Covid Communication, The emperors new clothes and Peter and the wolf aspects of Catastrophe based policy narratives.


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