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Statue of Theophrastus, Palermo Botanical Garden

The Oligarchical temper, Theophrastus

The Oligarchical temper would seem to consist in a love of authority, covetous, not of gain, but of power.
The Oligarch is one who, when the people are deliberating whom they shall associate with the archon as joint directors of the procession, will come forward and express his opinion that these directors ought to have plenary powers; and, if others propose ten, he will say that ‘one is sufficient,’ but that ‘he must be a man.’. Of Homer’s poetry, he has mastered only this line, —
No good comes of a manifold rule; let the ruler be one:
of the rest, he is absolutely ignorant.
John you might enjoy this from this chap.
c. 371 – c. 287 BC
XXVI. The Oligarch (xxix)

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The Modern Monetary Theory ( Stalinist/Fascists) are really pushing their poison and they mean to Cull the Human Race with their misanthropic elitist dogmas. All Hail Ehrlich and the Mann/Hansen/Schmidt disciples of Agenda21/30.
In our requirements for prosperity and more energy production, we need to take heed of the Late Prof. Sir David McKay “”Every Big Helps”

Liberty Loving Human beings are under attack, make no mistake it is an attack on several fronts and all patriotic, family-loving god fearing and right-minded people must understand we need a resolution to our own Byzantine Generals dilemma. Articles such as this only serve to muddy the waters, Large FInance Capital and Big Corporations and the State are all one and the same subsidiaries of the Oligarchy. And guess what The Oligarchy isn’t really into us unless it is stealing the sweat off our brows or exploiting our nearest and dearest to satisfy its own depravity.

Strong Stuff , you may well say that and the onus of proof rests with us at #Moduloft to advocate for our Customers wishing to become stakeholders within the UK’s Homeowning, Stakeholder democracy.

Glamorous flashing city lightsSuburbia within commute of higherDreams. A stairway to real Estate heaven.The only Ladder, oh to be upon the bottom rung and rise.Dreams for mortgage, no hostage to Fortune.Sophistication often masques ignorance. The humble and rustic often belies an appreciation of what truly is.

DOn’t just take my word for it, here is Per Kurowski an Executive Director #WorldBank #BancoMundial from 2002 – 2004

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
UN, World Bank, IMF, and NGO’s: Give the SDGs a fair chance. Kick out Basel Committee’s bank regulations
The Sustainable Development Goals seem all very laudable, but given that bank credit is one of the most important financial resources, in order for these to stand a fair chance of being met, one would have to kick out all current bank regulators… or at least their regulatory pillar, the credit risk weighted capital requirements for banks.
Hear me out!

Big Question no1.

1. What are we re-setting and Why?


Money does not initiate Economic activity, in all cases, it is an intermediary token or rain check which has profound effects on social relations and commerce between individuals and nations, but money is a mere Idea and can be anything we imagine it to be.

Embodied energy and carbon – The ICE database
Embodied energy is the amount of energy consumed to extract, refine, process, transport and fabricate a material or product (including buildings). It is often measured from cradle to (factory) gate, cradle to site (of use), or cradle to grave (end of life). Likewise, embodied carbon footprint is the amount of carbon (CO2 or CO2e emission) to produce a material.

Embodied energy and carbon is a topic of rising importance. In fact, it is normally possible to reduce the embodied energy and carbon of a building or construction project by 10-20% without adding to the build cost. What’s more embodied carbon is often 20-50%, or so, of the whole life energy and carbon of a building, i.e. when operational carbon emissions are considered.

The embodied energy and carbon life cycle of a building can be expressed on a single diagram, as below.



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