#Cop26 Presentation Carbon Net Zero and Owner Occupation . Moduloft #2535 #GenerationRent “The Reluctant 10% have been ignored Long enough”

#Cop26 Presentation Carbon Net Zero and Owner Occupation . Moduloft #2535 #GenerationRent

“The Reluctant 10% have been ignored Long enough”
Roger Lewis , CEO Moduloft Loft Corporation Limited


Moduloft is committed to the Entry Level budget homeownership Market. Delivering affordable Homes and the means to Finance them literally without costing the earth.
Moduloft is Green by design, and Affordable by design , we are experts in materials passports, Energy based economics and Placemaking.
We do have questions though regarding the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals and whether financial products are being developed for our Customer price point.
This coming week we will publish a series of discussion papers surrounding the question. Is 21st Century Britain, in 2021, going to be a Home Owning democracy or a Rent seeking Banana Republic?
Moduloft #COP26 presentation, Carbon accounting Finance and First Time Buyers.
First Draft.
The following is a series of Booklets I have put together breaking down the different aspects of this subject;
Technical Framework Sourcebook
#COP26 Presentation
1. Land Tax, Carbon Pricing
2. Money, Debt Credit Creation
3. Mortgage Reform
#Moduloft The Concept. #Cop26 Draft No.1 Presentation and discussion #BuildBackBetter #LevellingUp

#Moduloft The Concept. #Cop26 Draft No.2 notes Presentation and discussion #BuildBackBetter #LevellingUp

#COP26 Presentation Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technical Framework Sourcebook

Cost model Modular construction Aecom.
In Investors Portal.
Rogers Stirk Harbour and Aecom JV.

Moduloft on Money 25-35 95% and 5 x joint incomes

Research into Mortgage origination risk analysis

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