Unboxing the Panacea That Cures All ills. #CovidPurpose

Unboxing the Panacea That Cures All ills.

If one were tasked with promoting a new elixir say a Tablet or Ointment or even a vaccine
where would you do it. The wildly popular YouTube format of the un-boxing video may well be a go to choice in the world of Multi Media Social media.

Un-boxing videos tick all of the censors requirements for targeted audience messaging, authenticity and reach. Such videos have added multiple up selling and cross selling opportunities. In times past product placements in Blockbuster , box office hit movies were the stuff of marketing umbermensch heroism, perhaps with a nice plug on the large terestial TV broadcast platforms magazine shows.

Matt Hancock went for the Magicians reveal with an appearance on Aunties Breakfast Cereal nick nack TV, and to announce the forthcoming un-boxing of the Panacea to cure all ills, “The Vaccine”

In the spirit of adding to the general absurdity , imagine if you will a surprise un-boxing of the Panacea that cures all ills. In this Kafkaesque twist, tale of the unexpected, Boris Johnson will unbox the Panacea that cures all ills in a Youtube livestream. And it will be done Cobra Style with the Covid Task force in Cabinet briefing office room A.
At the head of the table with social distancing observed and various dignitaries appearing live via zoom on the flat screen array behind the Great Man.

Boris. Stands to address his adoring masses.

“Mien lieben Folk, tuning in across YouTube land , I have here the panacea that cures all ills.

Boris brandishes a package emblazoned with the Phizer logo and Says;

“We have listened to the Red Wall and the 1922 and to avoid leaks we have now to announce that the Panacea is not to be administered by injection as in all the conspiracy nonsense.
NO, the Panacea is a suppository and to prove our faith and belief in our own concoction we will,
Those of us gathered here, participate in a group administration of the Panacea in true Loving Cup fashion,passing the Package to our Left with our right hands whislt intoning our beloved Prayer of

““Our Tina who art in the cloud
Thy shalt be done in Cobra
as shall be done at GCHQ
give us this day our daily dossier
for ever and ever Hail TINA.””

With which the PM stands , unbuckles his trouser and presents his back side to Matt Hancock , seated to his left.

Popping a white capsule of longish elliptical shape out of the sheet covered in foil, Hancock brandishes the panacea between this left thumb and forefinger and as the PM braces himself Hancock thrusts the Panacea between the PMS ample buttocks.

To Boris’s left sits Pretti Patel , who being somewhat shorter than the Already vertically challenged PM obliges his Boris-ship by clambering up upon her Chair and Bending forwards with petticoats raised.The Prime minister duly repeats the example his Health secretary just performed on his own derriere to the Home secretaries apparatus now dangling at the PMs eye level.

It will be left to the rising mists of the future to explain how a Panacea administered in such a manner
to fight the Pandemic of Covid 19 Sars 2 Coronavirus , will also deal with

  1. FILL in blank for your own particular Ill here.

Some suggestions, Climate Change, Climate Change , Peak Oil, Climate Change, Climate Change, Rising Sea Levels , Donald Trump, Populism, Conspiracy theories, LGBTQ 8 XYZ rights, The Far Right, the Alt Right, Hate Speech……………


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