@LondonRealTV , @BrianRose4Mayor on London’s Housing Market. #Moduloft

Hello Brian,
I have watched the Modular Housing and Affordable Housing Video downloads.
#Moduloft is a Company I have started to tackle this problem.
The Solution is one of Ownership versus Tenancy both related to disposable income and also Finance.
Finance for Build to Rent has not been a problem, Finance for Owner occupation Mortgages (somewhat of a problem).
The Delivery Path for housing is also one of several bureaucratic Layers. The GLE / Mayoral Level being but one.
If you would like to discuss the Policy framework affecting this question at all levels feel free to call me.

#Moduloft, The Affordable Housing Manufacturers. Defining the Terms of and Boundary Conditions of our Domain.

Sadiq Khan is shining a light in all the wrong areas, Don’t make the same mistake. The problem remains unsolved, This is absurd, its not rocket science.
When something such as the current problem emerges across several decades and actually gets worse it is not because policy makers are stupid , it is that other less popular policies are given precedence.

Believe it or not to see what the Policy areas are for this , One has to look at the Covered Bond markets, and the concepts of Land Value Capture ( Community Infrastructure Levy) .

Good luck with your campaign, you are very much in danger of Over promising here on Timescales, I question how wise that is.

I have published a series of Primer/Readers on the areas effecting these questions. Mine are Free Market solutions and for profit
I achieve this by placing my Customers First Time Buyers and Starter Home purchasers first.

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