“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for”, Setting Sail on the good ship SONIA. @PerKurowski

MARCH 25, 2020
Do we have a banking system with banks as they are supposed to be?
Sir, I refer to your “Non-bank lenders will bear brunt of credit crisis”, March 25

John Augustus Shedd (1859–1928) opined: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for”

But bank regulators paid banks with lower capital requirements to stay safe, thereby overcrowding “safe” harbors. As a result, those who had real reasons to stay in safe harbors, like many non-bank lenders, and were less prepared to do so, like many non-bank lenders, had then to take to the risky oceans.

You opine “we are in a better place today because regulators forced greater protections on the banking system” What greater protection? A measly 3% leverage ratio supposed to cover for misperceptions of risks, like 2008’s AAA rated, and unexpected dangers, like coronavirus? You’ve got to be joking.

You quote Ben Bernanke “If you do not have a banking system, you do not have an economy.” Sir, do we really have a banking system with banks as the bank’s we used to know, or as banks are supposed to be?

I mean, with zero bank capital requirements against loans to the government and eight percent against loans to citizens you do not have a free market economy, you have financial communism.

With lower bank capital requirements for residential mortgages than for loans to the entrepreneurs or SMEs, those who can create the jobs needed in order to service utilities and mortgages, you will not have a functional economy, and houses have morphed from being affordable homes into being the main risky-investment of way too many families.

Sir, for the umpteenth time the Basel Committee’s risk weighted bank capital requirements: guarantees especially large bank crisis, caused by especially large exposures held against especially little capital to assets perceived as especially safe, but one of which suddenly one turns out as especially unsafe.

If John A. Shedd was alive today he might have opined: “A ship is safer on the oceans than staying in a safe harbor, which might become dangerously overcrowded.”







“It was Martin Luther’s attacks on the Catholic Church’s sale of indulgences for the remission of temporal punishment for forgiven sins, which caused the rift that led to the creation of the Protestant Church. Therefore, more than 500 years since Luther in 1517 (supposedly) nailed his “Ninety-five Thesis” on the door of Old Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, I found it curious (and equally correct) to read a Catholic Pope accusing many protestants who favor carbon trading, for sort of a similar procedure.”


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