Skin in the Game , Two ha’pennies to rub together? Covered Bonds and the Repo Rate Spike in 2019? #CovidPurpose #GreatReset
Mr. Banks becomes annoyed by the household’s cheery atmosphere, and he threatens to fire Mary Poppins, but she manipulates him into taking the children to his workplace, the bank, the next day. That evening, Mary tells the children of the woman who sits by St Paul’s cathedral selling bird feed (“Feed The Birds”) Mr. Banks does so, and the children meet Mr. Dawes. Mr. Dawes aggressively urges Michael to invest his tuppence in the bank, ultimately snatching the coins from Michael. (“Fidelity Fiduciary Bank”) Michael demands them back; other customers overhear the conflict, and they all begin demanding their own money back, causing a bank run.

Jane and Michael flee the bank, getting lost in the East End until they again meet up with Bert, now working as a chimney sweep, who escorts them home (“Chim Chim Cheree”). The three and Mary Poppins venture onto the rooftops, where they have a song-and-dance number with other chimney sweeps, which spills out into the Banks’ home (“Step in Time”) after Admiral Boom shoots fireworks at them, mistaking them for robbers. Mr. and Mrs. Banks return to home to find Bert’s friends dancing in their home and sends them away. Mr. Banks then gets a phone call from the bank requesting a meeting with him about what the children did, the children overhear the phone call realizing that their father is in trouble, Bert even tells Mr. Banks that he needs to spend more time with his children before they grow up (“A Man Has Dreams”). The children give their father Michael’s tuppence in the hope to make amends.

Mr. Banks walks through London to the bank, where he is given a humiliating cashiering and is dismissed. Looking to the tuppence for words, he blurts out “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, tells a joke, and happily heads home. Mr. Dawes mulls over the joke and, finally understanding it, floats up into the air, laughing.

The next day, the wind changes, meaning Mary Poppins must leave. A happier Mr. Banks is found at home, having fixed his children’s kite, and takes the family out to fly it. In the park, the Banks family meets Mr. Dawes’ son, Mr. Dawes Jr., who reveals his father died laughing from the joke. (“Let’s Go Fly a Kite”). Although initially sorry, Mr. Banks soon becomes happy for him since Mr. Dawes Jr. had never seen his father happier in his life and re-employs Mr. Banks as a junior partner. With her work done, Mary Poppins ends the movie by flying away with Bert telling her not to stay away too long.

mutual funds in finance many of the
greatest inventions are in
terminology a new name for an old idea
if there was a symbol for this
speculation it came in two words
goldman sachs there have been nothing
like it since the south sea bubble
and there would be nothing like it again
until investors overseas services
and bernie cornfeld

this is the kind of constructive
between government and industry that we
should all
welcome in a free society it is our best
against the march of socialism

Free to Choose: A Personal Statement (1980) is a book by economists Milton and Rose D. Friedman, accompanied by a ten-part series broadcast on public television, that advocates free market principles. It was primarily a response to an earlier landmark book and television series The Age of Uncertainty, by the noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Milton Friedman won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1976.

What is the repo market, and why does it matter?

extraordinary experiment where the
financial institutions took power away
from the politicians and started to run
society themselves the city had no other
the bankers enforced what was called
austerity on the city insisting that
thousands of teachers policemen and
firemen were sacked

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