Auld Lang Sein Issue , Not The Grub Street Journal. Brexit and Trump 2016 to TTIP, TTP and NWO 2020. #StopTheSteal

2016 was the year of The Triumph of Fly over America with President Trumps election and earlier that year the Triumph of the Neglected, Just about managing and forsaken In The UK, with Brexit.
Both events caused the Technocratic forces of Neo Liberal Elitism to think again. 4 years of trying to frustrate Brexit and Undermine President Trumps presidency bring us to the eve of 2021. A Stolen US election and An unknown quantity in the Brexit Trade Agreement.
Brexit as represented in the “Trade Deal” is a temporary place marker, if President Trump and his supporters are unable to anul the corrupt US election from November then A Biden administered punishment beating of the British people will ensue , this is what the EURO federalists want.
Above all the Technocratic Elites despise Democracy and a useful comparison is the Reith Lectures from 2019 by Lord Sumption

and those of Mark Carney in 2020, a thoughtful piece from John Redwood on Carneys Effort is worth a read.
“Dr Carney did not of course wish to talk in his Reith lectures about all the items where some of us have been critical of the economic forecasts and actions of the Bank of England both before he led it and during his tenure. I have often written about the failures of their ERM policy, their wildly pessimistic Brexit forecasts and his strategy of forward guidance which usually gave markets the wrong answer.”

So let us all recite the liturgy our leaders would have us believe, that in the 21st century –

Democracy is the freedom to choose wisely.
In a globalized, inter-dependant world we cannot afford to choose irrationally or disastrously.
It is not what you believe but how you believe it.
Believe things rationally, based on evidence, with regard to how your beliefs affect those around you.
If you know someone who doesn’t, they may be irrational and suffering from a mental disorder in which the personal notoriety of being contrarian matters more to them than any harm they might do to the safety and stability we all depend upon.

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