Allegories of Good and Bad Government; Debasement , Dumbing Down and Kakistocracy. #ConquestofDough #Moduloft #CovidPurpose


In The Allegory of Good Government, the composition is built up from three horizontal bands. In the foreground the figures of contemporary Siena are represented. The citizens act as symbolic representations of the various civic officers and magistrates. They are linked by two woven cords or concords which Concord gathers from under the scales of Justice. Behind them, on a stage, there are allegoric figures in two groups, representing the Good Government. The two groups are connected by the procession of the councilors. The upper band indicates the heavenly sphere with the floating bodiless ghosts of the virtues. Wisdom sits above the head of the personification of the Commune of Siena. He sits upon a throne and holds an orb and scepter, symbolizing temporal power. He is dressed in the colors of the Balzana, the black-and-white Sienese coat of arms. Around his head are the four letters “C S C V”, which stand for “Commune Saenorum Civitatis Virginis”, which explains his identity as the embodiment of the Siena Council. That character is guided by Faith, Hope, and Charity. He confers with the proper Virtues necessary for a proper and just ruler.

The virtues of Good Government are represented by six crowned, stately female figures: Peace, Fortitude, and Prudence on the left, Magnanimity, Temperance, and Justice on the right. On the far left of the fresco the figure of Justice is repeated as she is balancing the scales held by Wisdom. The figures are naturalistic, and supposedly the female figures represented the ideal of female beauty in Siena. At the feet of the ruler are two playing children. They could be the sons of Remus, Ascius and Senius, who, according to Roman legend, are the founders of Siena. It is also believed that the two children are Romulus and Remus themselves, who founded Rome. The text within the lower border of the image reads: “This holy virtue [Justice], where she rules, induces to unity the many souls [of citizens], and they, gathered together for such a purpose, make the Common Good [ben comune] their Lord; and he, in order to govern his state, chooses never to turn his eyes from the resplendent faces of the Virtues who sit around him. Therefore to him in triumph are offered taxes, tributes, and lordship of towns; therefore, without war, every civic result duly follows—useful necessary, and pleasurable”. Below the fresco is the Lorenzetti’s signature: Ambrosius Laurentii De Senis Hic Pinxit

The Allegory of Good and Bad Government

The History of the British Isles did not start with The Roman Conquest, The History of Rome did not start with the destruction of Carthage and the History of the European Union does not start with the Maastricht Treaty. As History is written by the Victors it falls to those of us who wish to remain unvanquished to join up the Lacunae in Victors History and form our strategies of survival.
Monetary History and the History of Banking are tied up in the Political Economy and belief systems of the Ruling Classes and the Ruled here are some pieces of this intractable Jig-Saw puzzle.




the idea before it was clothed in words
heard in minds, as uttered thought
the communication of arranged ideas
Thoughts lifting mist from the poet´s page.
To set the stage, not in the round
but, to see the scene in the sphere
Which actors will the playwright lay
on the page´s narrative to steer.
Which course to meet
who to set upon the bridge
For strength of Bulls Wall Street
of Bears & onion domes upon our chart
A heroes pride found in Britannia’s isles
Monks ´´sans humilite´´ fane ease
Like Pope we find our actors
´´All, all alike, find reason on their side´´
mais par impatience de souffrir
On the present discontents, Burke opined
Putin ,Trump and Farage set courses un-entangled
Junker , Merkel, Call for straight ahead.
Few are the partisans of departed tyranny
of Globalism or Nationalism which be the tyrant?
Yet passions are deceiving someone,
so near 50 years behindhand a hero fell.
“On this day, the day of March
in my opinion´´, is the end of the
United States of America
as the land of the free
and the home of the brave.”
Eliza with Rogerian inscrutability
hears the confession of the mal-contents
A mirror held up before cosmetic application
Globalisation and Internationalism confused
The spirit in which this minute was received is well expressed by
its becoming known in the Treasury as ‘Mr Churchill’s exercise’, which
combined a hint of admiration for its strenuousness with more than a hint of impatience at its naivety, and by Bradbury’s comment: ‘The
writer . . . appears to have his spiritual home in the Keynes-McKenna
sanctuary [the Cambridge economist and the ex-Chancellor who had
become Midland Bank chairman were the most prominent anti-Gold
sceptics] but some of the trimmings of his mantle have been furnished
by the Daily Express [that is, Beaverbrook].’

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