The Elevation of Propaganda to Fact. Peter Hitchens, sounding the retreat.

@PrisonPlanet voices young UK Conservatives Disappointment at this choice.
@JoeBlob20 tackled the question for the
@ClarkeMicah Generation
@financialeyes @Lloyd__Evans @alisonfletch1
@wiki_ballot @GrubStreetJorno @Pathos14658352
@jbhearn @scientificecon

Of all the exchanges I have read the one with Dan Hodges intrigues me most, Controlled opposition meets Gatekeeper or are both Men coerced in some way?
The Gatekeeper Retweets

and then goes in for the rebound.

The Bait and Switch.

Anna Brees, friend of Kate Sheramani?

Infiltrating the Anti Lockdown opposition to the #Covid19 #Lockdown Narratives #AnnaBrees #KateShemarani #SacredCows #Turdsallthewaydown

I think Off Guardian make some very good responses as well

and given the comments from
Vanessa Beeley,

Prof Robinson

and Patrick henningsen of 21st Century wire

I would be surprised if a segment on this does not make an appearance on UK COlumn today.

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