A drs Note for Jimbo from Dr Vernon Coleman, Novel Edititus Wikipedius Bias Virus 21 #CovidPupose a study in UnPersoning. Pass Laws and Banned People Vaccination Apartheid.#GateKeepers #MatchFixers & #GoalKeepers @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @LeeHurstComic @JamesDelingpole @Lloyd__Evans @scientificecon @jbhearn @NoContextHearn @21WIRE @ukcolumn @alisonfletch1 @Albion_Rover @toadmeister @ClarkeMicah @JuliaHB1 @Iromg @DPJHodges

'Facebook didn’t suspend my account, or censor the post on my account, or contact me to let me know that they have officially deemed me

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