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Chris explained: “If the Government moves the goalposts one more time, I fear the licence and restaurant trade will be gone. We have taken on a £5million loan from the Government which has gone into plugging the £350,000-per month we are losing paying all of our fixed overheads with 95% of our income taken away.”

Three measures Chris and I talked about during our 3-hour chat were:
Duty or vat reduction on beer (it’s roughly a pound a pint for 4% beer and goes up as the alcohol content goes up).
Terms extended on the paying back of CLBILS loans from 3 to 10 years

Government guarantee it will cover 100% of costs of the licence trade if it puts the country into lockdown again.
Our pubs are the heart of our communities, it’s a place for some company, a place where people get things off their chests and hear others are in the same boat, a place where we bump into people we haven’t seen for ages, it’s a place where ideas are discussed and business deals done and where we all come together to watch the footy. The Tall Ships, White House, Golden Lion, Park Inn, The Jacksons, The Clarry, The Royal, The Fish , The Greensides, The Travs and the Causeway to name a few. Not to forget the Manor Club on New Year’s Day. I can’t wait to see you all back in there. Let’s make sure we keep our pubs alive, they’re the heart of our communities.

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