Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates’s Book Is Rubbish! State and Capital Rowing in the same boat.

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Russell Brand
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In my latest Under The Skin podcast I spoke with Indian scholar, food sovereignty advocate and environmental activist #VandanaShiva. In this video she speaks about #BillGates’s book, the colonisation of land and food production, however she provides us with hopeful and powerful words of advice that might help us challenge these Tech Giants and monopolies.


at 38.19. Speaking in 1995 50min | Documentary | Episode aired 20 March 1995

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Icon Earth
50min | Documentary | Episode aired 20 March 1995

It never survives You Tube copyright strikes and heavy flack from the beebs suits every time I have tried, this russian streaming site is where the twitter link goes to.
Icon Earth
For 20 years the image of the earth floating in space has been adopted by environmentalists to suggest the planet’s wholeness and vulnerability, as a challenge to industrialism and consumerism. But the meaning of the icon is changing with the advent of global telecommunications and finance. The programme explores the implications of these changes and asks what the future holds.
Horizon, Series


30th Anniversary – The Far Side
Horizon celebrates its 30th birthday by checking on some of the scientific predictions of last three decades.

David Malone | In-depth interview
On dualism, artifical intelligence and new ideas about consciousness
Are we standing on the brink of a new scientific revolution? Are we ready for a brave new world monitored and guided by artificial intelligence and machine learning? Should panpsychism be taken more seriously, and is dualism about to make a comeback?

In this in-depth interview, documentary filmmaker David Malone discusses the worrying lack of public discourse surrounding new technological applications, and the exciting new ideas filling the worlds of both science and philosophy.

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Saul Kripke on interpreting Wittgenstein.
Julian Baggini on how philosophy can improve public life.

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We need to talk about A.I.
The creation of a Super Intelligence is becoming more and more likely every day and, should it come to pass, would be the single biggest threat to humanity that has ever existed.

Genre: Documentary, Science Fiction

Director: Leanne Pooley

Actors: James Cameron

Country: New Zealand

Duration: N/A

Release: 2020



Dangerous Knowledge tracks the lives of four of history’s most eminent mathematicians – Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing – all of them geniuses whose works not only contributed to a better understanding of the universe but also profoundly changed the world. However, every one of the four tragically went insane and later committed suicide as they pushed the boundaries of scientific endeavour. The documentary is an enlightening exploration of whether there are some boundaries of knowledge that the human mind should not seek to cross.

Presented by filmmaker David Malone, it begins by profiling Georg Cantor, a mathematician whose tragic end came as he struggled to prove his theories of infinity. The second in the series is Boltzmann who was instrumental in the formulation of atomic theory. He too went insane and took his life. Gödel, a contemporary of Einstein’s, went mad and later starved himself to death in a sanatorium. Dangerous Knowledge closes its case with the story of Alan Turing, the Second World War code breaker and the father of computer science. He committed suicide as he worked on the theory that some things are fundamentally unprovable.

For context and objectivity, Malone interviews a number of contemporary thinkers such as Greg Chaitin and Roger Penrose. It makes for very compelling viewing on a subject matter that has fascinated thinkers and philosophers for millennia.

Readings From the Debt Generation 2 & 3

Listen to David Malone reading four different excerpts from The Debt Generation.

25 November 08

6 August 09

10 September 09

1 May 10
David Malone Snippets

Live Streamed Interview with David Malone. The author of the Debt Generation and Golem XIV Blog. Television Documentary Producer for the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK and Independently.
David is a Green Party Politician who ran for the Leadership of the Green Party of England and Wales in 2016 and will Alos be contesting again for the Leadership in 2018.
The Interview is wide Ranging and divided into 10 Chapters.
0.00 Introduction.

00.15 Chapter 1. Biography Question.

00.41Chapter 2. Education Grammar School, Move to USA, Private School, Swarthmore College, BioAnthropology.

04.59 Chapter 3. Leaving University, Teaching East Orange, Newark New Jersey, Alpine Tunnelling France, Researcher BBC Antenna.

10.50 Chapter 4. The Documentary Years 1995- now, Icon Earth, Sneaking Politics into Science, The Horizon at 30, The Far Side.

20.31 Chapter 5. The Financial Crisis 2008, Lehmans Collapses, Comments BTL on the Guardian, The Debt Generation, Meet the Golem XIV Blog.

34.02 Chapter 6. The Golem XIV Community, MMT and Positive money, More on BLT Comments.

38.04 Chapter 7. The Green Party, Leadership, Election 2017 Campaign, Manifesto, Binary Discussion, Climate Mc Carthyism.

39.54 7.1 Policy EC661 Money Creation (Magic Money Tree)

41.18 7.2 Should the Snap 2017 Election have been a surprise to GPEX.

42.23 7.3 Bartley/Lucas Focus. Anti Brexit, Pro-Immigration, Anti-Racist, Identity Politics.

43.05 7.4 Labour and Corbyn, Austerity owned by Labour 2017, Banks, Solvency and the 2008 Crash.

48.13 7.5 Brexit and the 2015 Green Manifesto Promise.

54.36 7.6 Righteous Intolerance, Political Discourse, Burning the deniers, Binary Climate Mc Carthyism.

1.02.46 Chapter 8. Does the Pope wear a funny hat, That’s enough about Climate What about the Environment? Can the Greens Count and do Economic Policy?

1.04.18 8.1. Fracking

1.07.43 Chapter 9. What is the Green Party For, Proportional Representation, Low turn out in its own Leadership Elections at Green Party?

1.22.56 Chapter 10, Proportional Representation and Fringe Views. UKIP´s 66 seats under PR 2015 and is Nigel Farage a Racist, Tommy Robinson, The EDL and Dishonest Media manipulated legends. Geo-Politics Syria, Israel, Saudi, Qatar and All that.
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“Two black blokes and a northerner” An astute satire on the leadership elections of This account has not been verified by MetaCert@TheGreenParty by This account has not been verified by MetaCert@RogerGLewis.

Director: Michael Winterbottom
Writers: Russell Brand (made by), Michael Winterbottom (made by)
The film contains archival footage from the 21st-century recession paired with “comedic send-ups” from Brand, conducted in the financial districts of London and New York.[1] In one scene in the film, Brand attempts to confront Lord Rothermere, the billionaire owner of the Daily Mail, about his “non-dom” tax status, through which he avoids paying taxes in the United Kingdom by claiming residence elsewhere. When Brand rings the bell at Rothermere’s London mansion and asks through the intercom to speak to him, he is told by an unseen person that Rothermere does indeed live there.[2]

Winterbottom stated that the film will explore why “nothing has changed” since the economic crisis in 2008.

“It’s about inequality and why the 1 percent (of the world’s wealthy) seem to have so much and the rest of us not quite so much,” Winterbottom told the BBC in October 2014. “Everyone knows about equality and what’s going on in the world, so the idea is to point out the ludicrous extremes of our society.”[3]

The documentary began shooting in October. Winterbottom and Brand had previously discussed—but ultimately abandoned—the idea of producing a film version of Brand’s first memoir, My Booky Wook.

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