Until the Fat Lady Sings? Are we nearly there yet Uncle Klaus ( Part Two) #CovidPurpose #CarbonCurrencyEndGame #Do you see what it is yet? #InTheNow #Prescence and prescience Ontology and Epistimology.

There’s a fat old lady outside the saloon;
laying out the credit she plays Fortune.
The deck is uneven right from the start;
all of their hands are playing apart.

To be present is to be alive. In the moment , the now. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die, We band of Brothers we happy few.
Orations and motivational speeches , descriptions of great deeds pictures of your evening meal on social media. Were you there?
did you feel the beat, the connection, the flow, the energy?
My Mum and My aunt are twin sisters currently on holiday with me and my family along with my two sisters. I picked them all up from Copenhagen airport last Friday
and my Swedish Mother in Law has generously lent her home , near our own for a week and next week we will be touring the West Coast of Sweden in an RV ( Motor Home)

My Mum and Aunt sang an old school hymn and also the welsh classic folk song Calon Lan at a Barbbque at our place the other night a hymn they both sang at School in Llantrisant some 75 years ago

Calon lân yn llawn daioni,
Tecach yw na’r lili dlos:
Dim ond calon lân all ganu-
Canu’r dydd a chanu’r nos.

A pure heart is full of goodness,
More lovely than the pretty lily:
Only a pure heart can sing –
Sing day and night.

The other Llantrisant on The Mountain

“Llantrisant from her mountains

Smiles o’er Morganwg’s vales

And gives to mighty London

A leal lord mayor from Wales.”

Last night we went to an evening of Italian food and entertainment

The entertainment was an Italian Troubadour and comedian who was excellent and had everyone joining in with the singing including Mum and Aud. A treasured memory of being in the moment in the now
as we all connected to the wonderful voice and infectious enthusiasm of our evening minstrel from Napoli.

I have Quarantined twice this summer for business trips to Britain at My Mums in Wales. Catherine and Suzanne my sister look after Mum and Aud and most years Catherine and Suzanne take Mum and Aud
away on holiday Puerto Pollensa is a favourite as is Gran Canaria. Catherine told me yesterday that within their peer group who see the Dementia Consultant at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital only Mum and Aud
go on regular holidays, this trip to Sweden being the most recent the Past 18 months for obvious reasons a trip away has not been possible.

Catherine also told me that she had received a disturbing phone call at the beginning of all the Lockdowns from a GP, apparently They had been calling all carers/Guardians of Elderly dementia patients requesting signature of
do not resuscitate notices. My sister was horrified , now we are both still horrified. Mum and Aud will not remember last night but they were present in the moment and happy and joined in all of the popular classics Like That’s Amore, My Way
and even a cobbled together version of Delilah. Aunty Aud worked with Tom Jones at the Glove factory in the late 50’s and Our Maternal Grandfather worked down the Cwm colliery with Tom’s Father. As well as remembering old Songs and Old family memories mum and Aud by being present in the moment connect my Children and swedish family to our pasts and form a bridge into the future always remembering where we came from and what brought us to the Moments of Joy and Love we all
are sharing now on this very precious holiday.

Life’s Energy Stream.
when will we know
for then to tell
how as energy we flow
through fates sweet sorrow

I call your name
after you had passed
on mistrals blown
with currents towed.

you need not ask
for we are one, connected still
in sharing to will, that we
endure no bitter pill

I see your light
hear a distant drum
static pulls us in time
our essence harmonise

can we realise
can we learn our dreams
can we live out side
in lifes energy stream

Original Lyrics and music by Roger G Lewis aka Stampingdragon 8thjuly2012


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