There is no Climate Emergency, There is no Pandemic There are only Lies Damned Lies and Statistics. #WrongKindofGreen #ConquestofDough #CovidPurpose

The Covid communication handbook and the climate handbook draw from the same sources.
This from Corrie Morningstar #WrongKindofGreen.

This from some while back published by The department of the environment , Climate communication the rules of the game

COVID-19/Resistance #GreatReset #4IR #WEF #CovidPurpose #ClimateFascism

Two points on Fresh potable water and “Overpopulation”

I have just spent 3 nights camping alongside Sweden’s 2nd Biggest lake Vätten it adjoins Vännen Sweden’s Biggest and Europe’s 3r6d Largest Lake
they are both related geologically to Lake Ladoga north of St Petersburg which is Europe’s Biggest lake.

Between the 3 of them they are a significant percentage of the worlds “Stock of Fresh water”. Water is not a stock it is a flow which is part of the natural hydrological cycle of evaporation and condensation. Technologies exist to purify water by evaporation they are not really embraced as the bottled water industry is hugely profitable and very powerful and consolidated.

On Population levels this is a self regulating phenomenon as prosperity rises fertility rates decline , large families being an insurance against infant mortality and filial support in old age in poorer societies.

over-population-paper-how-big-a-waste-paper-basket-ayers-quite-so-twofingers2brino-4pamphleteers-grubstreetjorno-wiki_ballot-financialeyes-iabato The #Contrick19 News Stand

The climate of fear is serving narratives of scarcity and imminent doom the end game is clearly related to a Carbon based currency which taxes the air we breathe out, taxing that which we breathe in would be to hard a sell.

Now You See Me? The Carbon Currency End Game #CovidPurpose #Distraction

CLIMATERROR: “Tipping Point” is the new “Pandemic”
There’s only one real environmental reality that concerns me, and that’s the continuing explosion of population alongside the exact same amount of potable water available as there was some 1.5 million years ago. Most of the residue of Climate shock-horror is cock, while Covid19 pales into insignificance when compared to the water problem. But They don’t want to talk about that, as they already have plans of their own.


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