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New ‘Plandemic’ Video Peddles Misinformation, Conspiracies

Bezuhov on August 12, 2021 at 8:40 pm
I am wondering if the reason why the global cabal of criminals that control almost all governments, countries, political establishments and mass media on the planet decided to have their media propaganda apparatus simultaneously hype up one of the globalists’ favourite Big lie fictions – the supposed ‘Climate Crisis’ – at exactly the same time as they admitted that their so-called ‘vaccines’ neither protect people from Covid 19, nor prevent infection of others, is because they fear that their bio-weapon ‘vaccines’ operation might be about to be exposed.

If the clinically proven pathogenic ‘vaccines’ were to be exposed for what they are – highly profitable bio-weapons being forced on the world’s populations by bought & paid for corrupt politicians and governments – the global criminal Cabal will need a different Big Lie to fall back on, to ‘justify’ continuing their ongoing installation of Orwellian fascism across the world, pretending that this is due to the Covid 19 virus.

And the fraudulent ‘Climate Crisis’ will do nicely for that purpose.

Once that Goebbels-style Big Lie is firmly established (and who is to expose it as a total fraud, when all of the scientists know they would lose their jobs, funding and reputations if they dared to expose the fraud?), the hundreds of billions which the global Cabal are making from the Covid and ‘vaccines’ scams will look like small change.

With the totally fictional ‘Climate Crisis’, you’re talking trillions – not hundreds of billions – of dollars that the oligarchs, global corporations and their puppet politicians and media bosses will all be able to divide among themselves in profits from that scam.

We are ruled by criminals – in almost all countries across the world – now. They control all of the mainstream politicians, political parties, governments and mass media – and they have realized that there is literally no limit to what they can do… for the simple reason there is literally no one to stop them.

Regarding the possible exposure of the bio-weapon Covid ‘vaccines’ scam, there is a very important video interview which may well prove be the catalyst for this exposure.

It is somewhat legally technical in the first part of the video – but I urge people to have patience, and to wait for the absolutely earth-shattering conclusions of these legal proofs that the Covid ‘vaccines’ were under development for many years before the ‘Covid crisis’ which was deliberately engineered, so as to enable governments to coerce their populations to be injected with these biological weapons – which will kill and permanently maim very large numbers of people, and which will addict the survivors to an endless stream of follow-up highly profitable bio-weapon ‘booster vaccines’.

How can I possibly find the words to express the depth of the admiration I have for the way you’ve gathered together all the world’s disciplines and organized a map that virtually anyone can learn to understand?”-KERMIT THE FROG

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