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All the chapters of the book appeared as articles in Harper’s Weekly between 22 November 1913 and 17 January 1914,[citation needed] and were written before November 1913.
Our Financial Oligarchy
How the Combiners Combine
Interlocking Directorates
Serve One Master Only!
What Publicity Can Do
Where the Banker is Superfluous
Big Men and Little Business
A Curse of Bigness
The Failure of Banker-Management
(first appeared in Harper’s Weekly, 16 August 1913[citation needed]) The Inefficiency of the Oligarchs

The Pujo Committee was a United States congressional subcommittee in 1912–1913 that was formed to investigate the so-called “money trust”, a community of Wall Street bankers and financiers that exerted powerful control over the nation’s finances. After a resolution introduced by congressman Charles Lindbergh Sr. for a probe on Wall Street power, congressman Arsène Pujo of Louisiana was authorized to form a subcommittee of the House Committee on Banking

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Naming Names in the Global Takeover Plan, #1

Larry & Friend
Larry Fink is a name that bounces around in a billion heads around the world without ever adding up to much beyond vague awareness. He has, over the years, cultivated an image of being a perfect blend of American entrepreneurial apple pie and compassionate ecology. But as with so many things we’re conned into accepting these days, the Fink biographical narrative is something of an ocean-going colander.

Laurence Douglas Fink was born in November 1952, and throughout his school career he displayed an exceptional ability in mathematics. He has been described by those who taught and knew him as having a genius for numbers.
It’s time to shine a light on some of the shadow-dwellers. For starters, yesterday’s tweet from James Delingpole is astonishing in its own right….

…..but who is Bojo taking orders from?

Money, when converted into totalitarian power, doesn’t so much talk as give out hoarse whispers. But the message is clear enough: “Do this, or else”. Look at the number of US, UK and EU elected legislators and shadowy (either greedy or surveillance) controllers bought by Big Business in general and the Bourse players in particular. None of this is wild conspiracy nonsense: on the contrary, it represents nothing more or less than the inbred interests of those who want to look down on us, while expecting us to look up to them.

The answer is twofold: through ownership, and the reduced number of persuasion points.

In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the majority of news media in the USA.

By 1992, 22 companies owned and operated 90% of the mass media

By 2014, United States media ownership was concentrated mainly in the hands of six companies: Comcast, Disney, 21st Century Fox/ News Corporation, Time Warner and Viacom

In 2021, two multi-trillion dollar investment companies own the greater part of it.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to devote time each day to looking at the people around and among the Secret State, and those investment/banking concerns with the most to lose from an uncontrolled collapse in Bourse prices. I shall attempt not just a who’s-who, but also a who knows who.


The Flack is always worse over the Target!

Divide and Rule?


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