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In this talk Noam Chomsky examines something of the purpose of the original or Origination of the American Constitution, a study of the Federalist papers and a good dose of Thomas Paine should lead one to an appreciation of the various interests that were considered back in 1777.

Going back further to Magna Carta and considering its purposes I was reminded the other day of the Charter of the forests, this was an interesting realisation which Michael Portillo examined in his series History we forgot to remember. The Charter of the forests was much more important to the mass of common men than Magna Carta.

Consider then again the Concepts of Primitive Accumulation and its modern analogue coercive aggregation. And the questions of Value in USE and Value in Exchange and further into the Labour Theory of Value.

The myths , fetishisms and the reification all lead to the necessary and efficient bamboozlement of those who do the work by those who would rule them our propensity to buy into the myths are I think tied up in our EGO´s, always remembering that Ego is our outward expression of how we would wish to be seen by others.

Put simply just from my own experience I believed in democracy until I realised that I had now become superfluous to its purpose in driving through the agenda of those for who a sort of democracy exists ( Chomsky calls it Polyarchy). That is not to say I ever counted what was important was that I thought I did and that view is what the myths encourage.When we believe in the myths we are afforded the roles of Trustees very much like in any prison population where there are Trustees and Snitches or indeed the Uncle Toms of Slavery.

The Money myth , the myth of prudence, savings, the Protestant work ethic and catholic guilt the semiotic manipulations that lead us to hark back to a golden age of democracy that never existed. The unquestioned assumptions such as that Capitalism would be fine if the money were clean.

Consider Ruskins signs attached to wealth( http://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/2012/09/a-visit-to-web-site-for-william.html) Balkanization , demotion to 3rd world status for the large part of 1st world populations. In the new premier league of shiny Globalization make no mistake were all headed for the Nigerian Credit card system, the food stamps credit card system. We are not witnessing the end of democracy just the admission that it never existed and that what we once thought of as our money has in fact only been a stealthy form of Scrip.



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