Keeping Up with The Goves’, Nimbyism meets Penis Envy.

I am still scratching my head at replacing Jenrick with Gove. Jenrick did a very good job in my opinion(1), is Gove’s job to kick the can down the road and hang on to the status quo? Why the Status Quo the UK planning system is not fit for purpose the only people who do not think so are the practitioners who dine high off the hog at the expense of those the system is supposed to serve.
We will see how ESG, Carbon Credits and macroeconomic policy; and micro policies, are all fitted together at COP 26. I see COP 26 as Mark Carneys show and Have little doubt that Carney in his current role and Mike Bloomberg before him have shaped the policy lobby agenda for the large Corporates and Global and Central Banks for the past 10 years, it has less to do with environment than DIgital Identity I feel. Post-2008 a sticking plaster was applied to an amputation and of course, the patient did not survive, whilst we are no longer in Kansas the question remains If not Kansas then WTF are we and where are we headed. Answers on a postcode, please?
Sadiq’s “Poor Doors” Bung! a Westferry Printers/ Friary Park Saucy Comparison(1)

To unravel the hysterics lets just go back to basics.
Planning consents for developments over 100 square meters attract Community Infrastructure levy’s , Tower hamlets had released a revised charging rate up from 2015’s £200 per sqm to £280 per sq m, the charge is not a new thing and the potential increase is also effected by planning guidance on application of the charges weighed against the Affordable housing and other social and commercial benefits any particular Scheme offers to the community in which it is proposed.
United Kingdom
In a paper, “The Relationship Between Size of Living Space and Subjective Well-Being” based on the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) published in April 2017, researchers in the United Kingdom found that:

Despite having a similar effect on the housing satisfaction of both genders, an increase in living space has only a (weak) positive linear effect on the life satisfaction and mental health of men.
Consistent with various theories of adaptation, housing satisfaction increases in the year of the move (to a larger home); then decreases slightly before leveling out. Moving for “larger accommodation” has no positive impact on subjective well-being.
Overall the results imply a weak positive relationship between size of living space and subjective well-being, but only for men.
A Very good article. This Alistair Stewart discussion provoked by the Replacement of Jenrick by Gove in the relevant Whitehall department is worth factoring into the analysis as is what Andrew Neil says about Labour Supply and Wage stagnation
The Pons Asinorum point is also important not for who allegedly grasps the point but the point itself. Which is bound up in Andrew Neils point and your conclusion; Are we asking the right questions?
The Housing Revolution in Petrograd 1917-1920
Home@ix The Affordable Homes Series

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