Bank Heist Patsies. RBS Nat West Lloyds . #CBDC

Central Bank Coup Det Tat. The Central Bank Balance Sheet Pandemic.

Ian Fraser The fact the Bank is majority publicly owned was no more better demonstrated than in the Loan Support scheme whose Architect Andrew Bailey is now Governor of the Bank of England.

The extent of the Pillaging perpetrated on UK SME’s was fully endorsed by the Then Government and the present Move to Central Bank Digital Currencies seems to portend to the Coup De Gras of this State Monopoly Capitalism Coup De Tat.

See Private: Regulating in the Shadow of Big Banking. Paul Carliers Talk at the Transparency Task Force and the failings of the FCA under Andrew Bailey.

Or read Ian’s Shredded or watch the film Spank the Banker. #digital #digital #banking #banking #bank #architect


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