Know your enemy.

I am in the process of Archiving this WordPress Blog to a static Site on IPFS. I am also in the process of Shifting completely off the Google Suite of Apps including adopting a “Free Open Source” e-mail provider.

In a system so obviously Rigged to support a handful of hugely powerful global monopolies the logical move to gain some self-respect and privacy is to stop an endless stream of own goals by continuing to embrace the stick with which one is being beaten.

2016 was the year that the Old Main Stream Media Failed, it could be described as The Nudge that failed. Peak nudge was probably the Second Iraq war and the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Lie, anyone remember the Chilcott report?

Kier Starmer was featured on UK Column this Last Friday, voicing concern over Telegram Groups, lots of Hand Wringing about Right-Wing Extremism & Radicalisation.

I got this message through telegram last week.

a user10/17/21 25K
UK: The murdered MP David Amess opposed the biosecurity state:

1) Anti lockdown (

2) Anti mask mandates (

3) Anti-vaccine passports (

4) Big Pharma critic (
MP: ‘Shambolic second lockdown announcement left me horrified’
AN MP was left “horrified” when a second lockdown was announced.

Know your enemy.

Stop sending the enemy a telegram every time you go online, message on Telegram.

Blockade the monopolists, Boycott the propagandist platforms. Stop being the product?

Not so much the product as the raw material if you think about it.

It’s a Sunday so a reference to the Mote and Beam seems in order.

If 1/8th removed the Mote from each individual eye the beam would soon dissolve in the eye of the 7/8ths.



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