Shadow bans , snap elections and #TheUbiquitousLie

rogerglewis on October 29, 2021 at 6:34 am
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A brief history of preferring the unbelievable to the unthinkable

If there’s an election what then? Elections are bogus, I am fairly convinced that bojos 2019’s Landslide was rigged with the postal vote. The 2020 US Election was massively rigged by now anyone at all interested will have discovered that to be very clear. Even if Trump had been allowed his rightful victory where would that have left us? it’s hard to say.
If there is an election a mass ballot spoiling would be a good idea but of course would not be reported. The most effective way to deal with the ubiquitous Lie is to ignore the liars and turn off the Monopoly Cookie monster machine.
Wikiballot has been shadowbanned after a good run by the way. There are over 1000 registered accounts but no new accounts for the past 2 months. I have not made any edits until today where an inactivity notice appeared I will try to avoid the Wiki being archived but it has not been a success I think the Wiki input method is just too techy which shows how low a bar is needed to garner mass public participation in anything.
Moronic delivery methods like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc are the order of the day, its not possible to win at that rigged game on the mainstream internet to circumvent the filters the user has to be prepared to observe some level of security protocol, most are simply not interested in understanding that.

UK COlumn Mentioned this Millie Weaver film on Wednesdays News. its more of the Vault 7 Snowden type of stuff

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