The Social Media Diet of Cookies. Causes Anxiety disorders and a wasted life.

Jaffa Sholva
1 week ago
It’s been almost 11 years since i deleted facebook. The one thing that feels bad about doing that is how estranged i ended up from everybody. No idea anymore what’s going on in peoples lives because they only share on social media. The absolute worst experience was the time i had to battle cancer and friends and family would only visit me on facebook. That’s when i quit. Bumped into some people later and they actually said Yeah you were off facebook all of a sudden so there was no way to ask how you were doing. It’s has become very rare to visit somebody or having people visit me. They have no time left it seems and when it happens they are burried in their phones the entire time. This feels like the zombie apocalypse to me and i hate it. Channels like this keep me sane.

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Bill Dyess
1 week ago
“To succeed in the world of social media is to conform” that statement is true to any degree – we all need to reflect on this truth

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