Tone Detector Check your thinking . Starve the Monopoly Cookie Monster. “BOYCOTT!”

Check your thinking, a should have been immortalised memearalized term for the non crime thought crimes of Harry miller

I use the Grammarly app which is a spell check and Grammar tool, which I use to check my compulsion to leave no noun Un-Capitalized, usually unsuccessfully.
Harry Miller Check your thinking memes

Boycott the Monopoly Cookie Monster today.

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The word “boycott”
According to James Redpath, the verb “to boycott” was coined by Father O’Malley in a discussion between them on 23 September 1880.[18] The following is Redpath’s account:[18]

I said, “I’m bothered about a word.”

“What is it?” asked Father John.

“Well,” I said, “When the people ostracise a land-grabber we call it social excommunication, but we ought to have an entirely different word to signify ostracism applied to a landlord or land-agent like Boycott. Ostracism won’t do – the peasantry would not know the meaning of the word – and I can’t think of any other.”

“No,” said Father John, “ostracism wouldn’t do.”

He looked down, tapped his big forehead, and said: “How would it do to call it to Boycott him?”

According to Joyce Marlow, the word was first used in print by Redpath in the Inter-Ocean on 12 October 1880.[18] The coining of the word, and its first use in print, came before Boycott and his situation was widely known outside County Mayo.[18] In November 1880, an article in the Birmingham Daily Post referred to the word as a local term in connection to the boycotting of a Ballinrobe merchant.[31] Still in 1880, The Illustrated London News described how “To ‘Boycott’ has already become a verb active, signifying to ‘ratten’, to intimidate, to ‘send to Coventry’, and to ‘taboo'”.[32] In 1888, the word was included in the first volume of A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles (later known as The Oxford English Dictionary).[32] According to Gary Minda in his book, Boycott in America: how imagination and ideology shape the legal mind, “Apparently there was no other word in the English language to describe this dispute.”[33] The word also entered the lexicon of languages other than English, such as Dutch, French, German, Polish and Russian.[33]

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