Wanted Poop-a-Scoopa for when uncle Klaus either shits or gets of the Pot.


June 14, 2020

Trump Has Added 7 Trillion To The National Debt Thus Far

Trump Has Added 7 Trillion To The National Debt Thus Far It stood at $19 Trillion in 2016. It’s now sitting at $26 Trillion. / 28.951 Trillion today https://www.usdebtclock.org/

As always, those that control the debt, control the Democratic and the Republican Party. Through Masonry, through bribes, through blackmailability by sex crime. All the high drama, ‘impeachment’, ‘Soleimani’, ‘lockdown’, ‘BLM’, it’s all orchestrated to both distract from the biggest financial and economic disaster in the West’s history, and to corral their different groups of slaves, dependents, having them fight among each other, driving them in the desired direction.

In previous times, they used clubs and whips.

Now, they use mind control (‘ideology’, ‘science’). Zionism and Capitalism for the Right, Bolshevism and Nihilism for the Left, Usury and World Government for us all.

A big part of Trump’s job will be to usher in the ‘reset’.

I have read the Real Currencies blog for many years. That from June 14th 2020 was I think a good call.

The True Nature Of The Conspiracy
by Anthony Migchels on November 8, 2021

Yesterday’s real currencies Blog left a distinct impression on me, as indeed have a few of the latest videos from Max Igan. I have also had similar feelings of discomfort with Muad Dhib, The writer of the 7/7 film that got him into trouble with the deep state .

My Main quibble with The Real currencies blog yesterday was the Claim that the Matrilinial line in Judaism is a Khazarian invention, my own belief is that it dates back to Abraham whose firstborn Ishmael was by his maidservant Hagar before his wife Sara gave birth to Issac https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrilineality_in_Judaism.

Real Currencies says this.
“It turns everything on its head. For instance this strange idea of female lineage. This is certainly not biblical: all the genealogies of Israel in the Bible, and there are many of those in scripture, are all via the male line.”

see at 1.32 mins

This may seem like a spectacular piece of whataboutery? but a lot of what Anthony ( writer of the Real Currencies Blog) says gives an accessible overview of the idea that intergenerational Power goes back a long way. Many people have never heard of the Bronze Age collapse let alone troubled themselves with the mystery of who the “Sea Peoples” were.

One metaphor from the blog which stands out is that of David and Goliath. for some reason that bible story always reminds me of Jason and the Argonauts and Jasons fight against Talos, then you have Hercules against the Cyclops.

Webster Tarpley’s lecture on the same subjects raised in yesterday’s real currencies blog is very good.

I wrote this blog in 2016

The Iron Law of Oligarchy.

That Tarpley talk is from 2014.

The next move is I think going to be based on the massively bloated Goliath-like Central Bank balance sheets and Blackstones going direct will turn into Looting Direct.
What of our David-like slings and arrows will they turn the tide of outrageous fortune?

Uncle Klaus is at the point of having to Shit or get off the Pot,


the past two years will at the easing of the WEF bowels prove to be nothing more than the wind and piss of yet another Octogenarian megalomaniac know it all. Of Course many of the fraudulent turds that have passed that way like, Carney, and the host of usual suspects will not require a sling or arrow but a poop-a-scooper.

Our only debt is to Nature and ‘What Is’. Environmental Pragmatism, Live and let live.

Carrie Antoinette is Cyclops.


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