Suitable for Infants, A Narrative of Huge Pieces, Do you see what it is yet.

The Jigsaw pieces are so big now any reference, “suitable for ages x-y “, would surely read Suitable for Infants.

A peerless site on the Timeline of All things smart comes from this website.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Environmentalism for Control of Community

The Seamless Web for Community Integration

The Business of Social Control

Back in 1992 Rio Earth Summit the work of piecing together the New World Order began after the old Cartoon was blasted into a thousand pieces with the Fall of the Soviet Union , Berlin Wall 9 November 1989

Rise of the Demons of Community

Recapping the timeline of world conversion to “community” trapped in a seamless web of integrated global systems beginning with transportation:

June 1988 – Australian Prime Minister addresses a joint session of Congress

November 1989 – first meeting of APEC in Canberra Australia – “open regionalism”

1989 – Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE) is established by “by a group of cross-party legislators from the US Congress, European Parliament, Japanese Diet and the Russian State Duma with the mission to respond to urgent environmental challenges through the development and advancement of legislation. GLOBE International was established as a non-profit international association registered in Brussels, Belgium.” John Kerry, a founder and probably Al Gore, maybe Edward Markey. ”

1990 – Moscow Global Forum for Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders again organized by Akio Matsumura.

March 1990 – George Bush announced a new transportation plan for the U.S.

July 1990 – Secretary of State James Baker requests that Transportation be added as a priority for APEC, Japanese Trade Minister announced New Earth 21 plan and urged EC ’92 (economic community) integration (i.e. regional integration).

July 1990 – George H.W. Bush announced the Enterprise of the Americas initiative.

1991 – Legislation for new U.S. transportation plan passed in Congress. International corridors fully loaded with technology designed around transportation hubs (intermodal commerce zones).

1991 – China joins APEC.

1993 – Mexico joins APEC.

1992 – Earth Summit, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development and the Rio Global Forum for Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders organized by Akio Matsumura. Al Gore is President of GLOBE and he said there was a “a new organizing principle for the world”.

Concurrent with Earth Summit, technology event – technology for environmental efficiency – Japan way ahead of the pack with technology to “save the planet”. Germany and Japan working together on a technology future. Germany working on automated highway systems, Japan working on robotics.

The end of the long and windy road is “Going Direct ” already detailed in these pages at the Slog.


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