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Sweden’s “Vaccine Passes” should teach us an important lesson.


from the eve of the Brexit Negotiations.

Real Politik and Brexit. Negotiations start tomorrow. #GrubStreetJournal @Wiki_Ballot from June 18, 2017

Real Politik and Brexit. Negotiations start tomorrow. #GrubStreetJournal @Wiki_Ballot from June 18, 2017

From the eve of the Plandemic.

The People Versus Parliament, The People Versus the Banks. #Brino #SurrenderActii #BorisasPrinceRupert #GrubStreetJournal #DavidStarkey #BrexitUnentangled #LordActon #ShipMoney #EdmundBurke #onThesePresentDiscontents #StCrispinsDay #EUMilitaryUnification

The People Versus Parliament, The People Versus the Banks. #Brino #SurrenderActii #BorisasPrinceRupert #GrubStreetJournal #DavidStarkey #BrexitUnentangled #LordActon #ShipMoney #EdmundBurke #onThe… an exchange with a dear old freind and client Mike re the Swedish situation. Sweden falling into line?

Sweden’s “Vaccine Passes” should teach us an important lesson.


Hi xxx,
In Sweden, there is massively less Vaccine hesitancy full stop. I think reading anything into what Sweden has and Has not done compared to anywhere else is just Daft. The NWO agenda gets to a destination that will look something like Sweden, Sweden will not make most people happy, it’s fine for Swedes and their own peculiar cultural kinks.
Both xxx andxxx happily got vaccinated,xxx does not have to take it and I have encouraged him to see that for him there is no benefit to taking it, the same thing applied in my view to both xxxx and xxx but it was their choice.
The scope of and extent of the nefarious purposes behind Vaccination and particularly Vaccine passports is again irrelevant here, Cash is more or less dead here and Swish and Online paperless banking have been the norm for the whole of the 12 years I have been here as are Biometric ID’s and also Biometric Passports.
I am not saying the Swedish political class is any more trustworthy than anywhere else I think they are as corruptable as anywhere else but there’s not any reason to really corrupt them as Sweden is already in the Place that represents Klaus Schwab’s biggest wet dream anyhow?
Make of that what you will.


Perhaps blunt but from what you set out ….

I now see Sweden as a Robotic Society…Do as your told types…Don’t think for yourself

Given your awareness of what’s going on supported with readily available third party evidence I am surprised that all bar you & xxxx has had the jab.

Of course, each to take their own decision but unless I have missed something the anti jab evidence is incontrovertible to anyone with common sense.

I now understand why any comparison with Sweden is flawed…using ‘Star Trek’ terms Sweden has been assimilated into ‘the Borg Collective Hive’ as desired by the PTB.

On a general note….Unless there is ‘push back’ the Un-vaccinated will be labeled ‘lepers’ & confined. Already being progressed in many parts of Europe.

Hi xxxx,
I honestly think that both sides of the debate are hysterical.
I think the mandates and passports are explained by the financial system and control for a social points system
I don’t think the Injections are death shots although they are lethal for some.
I think the quality of discourse is incredibly shallow and people are not broadly informed even those of us who have a wider breadth of
views in view are actually not really any the wiser. I know I’m not at any rate.
I think the focus of most of the discussions are way off beam and that will suit the PTB just fine.
In all honestly, I am at the plague on all their houses point.
I’m fucked if I know what the hell is truly happening, I hear a bunch of people repeating the same retreaded crap over and over
And I am heartily sick of it.
I have been looking at the Rittenhouse trial and listening to recent Jordan Peterson stuff and some of his older stuff
I also think the complete pass 2019’s banking collapse has had, enabled by peoples gullibility in polarising around the idiotic hyping of what amounts to a usual flu season, is actually hilarious.
pretty knackered and going to grab some sleep.

HI Rog,

By now you are prob in zzzzz land,

My take on the UK situation is to focus on the facts rather than speculation.

What I keep in mind are:

  1. In March 2020 UK PHE said Covid19 is a variant of Flu.

  2. The Govt ignored their existing pandemic plan which didn’t require masks/social distancing/lock downs

3.The Government changed the rules for death certificates so that anyone testing +ve is a Covid19 death regardless of any other circumstances.

  1. There has been an unprecedented level of Censorship & punishing anyone who challenges the official narrative.
  2. Policy is driven by the PCR test which the inventor says is not a diagnostic tool. Its use is also corrupted by ‘the number of cycles used’

  3. The Vaccines have not been approved & only given emergency use authorization

  4. There have been vaccine deaths/adverse reactions which the MSM & mainline social media will not report upon or invite discussion

  5. Very credible medical professionals are ignored/belittled when they express a view contrary to the official one

ALL OF THE ABOVE IS SUFFICIENT for me to conclude the official narrative is not the truth & the Vaccine risk is greater than The Covid risk.

It is also clear that the agenda is increasing control over people.

Whilst there are many views as to the ‘detail of the full agenda’ those views are not evidenced but possibly plausible.

My agenda is simply to keep an eye on developments & protect myself & family as best as I can.

Hope You slept well

I had a correspondence John, late mid last month with My Cousin, a leading expert on T Cells. , His Daugther was thinking of moving to Sweden

Hi Roger
My eldest daughter, xxx, wishes to move to Sweden to work and live there. Are you ok if I put her in touch with you so you can give her some advice on living in Sweden?
I trust you are well.


On 16/10/21 8:49 pm, Roger Lewis wrote:
Hi xxxx,
I don’t speak Swedish much at all, I understand a little, but as I have never worked here I have had little need for it.
I enjoy my family life in Sweden but I am not a model immigrant, my wife xxxx is Swedish and as a lot of social life is based around family life in Sweden, my own experience has been tolerable.
I have a particular view of Sweden which I think is fairly typical for a foreigner here. xxxxx’s Family are I think
slightly less Insular than typical Swedes. So my lack of enthusiasm for the place might even be a little rosy-eyed, Sweden is actually a fairly unforgiving place it’s certainly not a Nanny State nirvana and What a lot of Anglophile politicians refer to approvingly as “the Scandic Model” is chimeric now, if it ever existed at all.
I have not worked whilst in Sweden, I have been here for 12 years and have lived on my private income, The average time it takes for non Swedes to find full Employment here is I think something like 10 years, I would certainly think twice about moving ahead of getting a Job. The Swedish Job market is much more regimented than the UK it is very state/corporate-oriented and for my own tastes and experience the Swedish system is not supportive of entrepreneurship and free enterprise, on that score I do not fit in at all but I have not had to. Now that I have gone back into business I have done so in the UK.
One of my business acquaintances xxxx is also thinking of moving here from the Uk, he is German. His reasons for moving stem from an over-optimistic view of the Swedish Government resisting the centralised dictates of the EU and escaping the likely introduction of compulsory vaccine passports. He has has lectured widely in Sweden and I think Academic life in Sweden can be very pleasant, Lund and Upsalla are both beautiful. I suspect the swedes do with The Best Academic Posts what the French do with their wine and keep the best to themselves. In Swedish culture, you will be hard-pressed to find a greater collective of “we know best”, “Know it alls”. Swedish Consensus really is a thing and gets pretty close to being a state religion, as a Libertarian, I find it all rather oppressive and I certainly hope that like my Wife did, that my children will pursue Higher Education in a Different Culture, It takes an edge off the Scolding to do as your told mantras of fully boiled Swedishness.
In the great tradition of Hunter S Thompsons Gonzo Journalism, I should perhaps point out that there is also a downside to moving to Sweden. In all seriousness be prepared for a Culture Shock. Swedish is a Language of some 40,000 words and as such the Swedish world is very much more black and white. Swedes speak English with great command of their own 40,000 words, it is a linguistics point on culture and translation, Swedes think differently The Danes are more like but quite different to Anglo Saxons and Celts, The Swedes and Danes are chalk and Cheese.
Sweden is a beautiful country with a good standard of living but do be prepared for Long hard dark winters ( I have to have a Wellness Lamp, a sensitive flower that I am) The Summers are Short but glorious and Skåne Strawberries and Princess Cake are two redeeming qualities of Sweden for me at least I have always loved pickled herring ( Roll Mops) so there have been no disappointments for me there. Swedes are hard to get to know and even when you do get to know Swedes they are not Generous people but scrupulously alert on seeing that they are getting their fair share, Jante Lagen and Tall poppy syndrome are very much a part of the National Psyche here, as I say be prepared for a culture shock.
Most foreigners who are not refugees here that I have met have moved back with Swedish Partners, few of the relationships survive the Culture shock. I figured out fairly early on That xxxx and I were not speaking English once we arrived here, xxxxxx reverted slowly to speaking Swedish in English until I realised that we had difficulty understanding each other as I was still hearing the English.
This comedy was on Swedish TV when we first moved here. It’s very accurate.

And this from when the Eurovision song contest was last in Sweden.

I am more than happy to have a chat on Skype or zoofacewhatshangingout etc.
If you wanted to visit you would be very welcome to come and stay with us here, a toe in the water before taking the plunge might prove useful, as I think I have hinted Sweden is not everybody’s “Fika” (the Swedish equivalent of a cup of tea, more ritualistic and involving Bulla ( cinnamon buns, or cardamon for the more hardcore Swede).
This Film The Swedish Theory of Love is by a Half Italian Half Swedish director it’s a very accurate look at the atomisation of Swedish society.
I hope that helps in some way, The Swedish way of life and lifestyle is in many respects enviable but can be less cuddly than is often painted. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

Would really be up for a chat, I have been struggling quite honestly with the Hysteria affecting both sides of what I see as a Polarised and badly defined argument centered on Vaccine Efficacy when the real power play behind the process is IMO still about the Political spoils across the new Holy Roman empire. Hence Charles V.,_Holy_Roman_Emperor Charles V is pivotal with respect to Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism, and the Anglican CHurch instead of the Augsburg confession John we have The Paris Accord. and COP 26

Originally, no changes were made to official church doctrine, and the episcopal organization was retained. Gradually, in spite of popular protests against the introduction of “Luthery”, teachings were aligned with continental Lutheranism. Calvinism was, otherwise, refuted as heresy at the synod of Stockholm in 1565. In order to appease the Holy See, king John III of Sweden, one of Gustav Vasa’s sons, took measures to bring the Church of Sweden to a theological position influenced by George Cassander, but, in the heat of controversy, such a compromise position did not achieve its intent of reunion. However, after his death, his brother, Duke Charles, summoned the Uppsala Synod in 1593, which declared the Holy Scriptures the sole guideline for faith, with four documents accepted as faithful and authoritative explanations of it: the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Athanasian Creed, and the unaltered Augsburg Confession of 1530.[4] The Uppsala Synod also reinstated The Swedish Church Ordinance of 1572, which remained in use until 1686.

That segues back to the Off Guardian Article Mike sent to me. And so it goes on John?

Sweden Switches Sides ( Dagen H (H day) #Swexit #PeakOil, Geo-Politics and False Narratives.

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