2019 Election A recap- The Great NHS Heist. Protecting the NHS, Vaccination against Boris Johnsons Mendacity #LetsGetBrexitDone #BeingExtorted.

The Naked Truth about NHS Privatisation


GE2019 two Old Friends Discuss the Issues. Brexit, Health Education and Law and Order and Defence?


On Election Night Roger Lewis will interview John Ward
looking back to Johns Commentary on the Elections of 2010, 2015, Brexit and 2017 . A communication Professional who retired at the top of the Advertising and PR profession John Ward brings a special insiders view of the Spin , Lies Damned Lies and Statistics It’s all Bollocks and That official #IABATO

Live Interview Livestreamin 7 pm GMT 8PM ECT . ROger Lewis ( Porthos ) will interview John Ward aka The Slog Live on youtube about #GE2018 A must watch.#TwoFingers2Brino #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @JoeBlob20 @GloriaDePiero

Question 1, @6.35 mins. Biography, Back ground I will take this from the Slog. https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/about/

Question 2 . @11.04 2019 Election. Is Boris is Get Brexit done Credible, yes or no and why?

Question 3, @14.38 What are the real Issues this election as opposed to narrative talking points. Are the Political Class in touch and aware of real issues?

Question 4. @ 27.42 Can you explain what you mean by Process Politics.?

Question 5. @ 38.25 Whats your gut feeling on
1. turnout.
2. Who will win and by what majority if you say there will be a winner? @44.11
@44.39 John Ward predicted a 90 seat Conservative Majority.!!!! Gut Feeling 40-45 seat majority. also, Gloves will be off in the Labour party.

Question 6. @48.36 What is your Slogan for summing up this election? Boris has let’s get Brexit done and Corbyn’s is some variation on for the many and not the few. What’s your Suggestion?

Question 7. Wiki Ballot, Tactical voting did Farage blow it?

Question 8-. Let’s look at 2010 @58.23 https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/flash-brownites-upbeat-dont-see-why-pm-should-resign/
2015 @ 59.52 https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/election-autopsy-why-last-nights-shock-result-proves-the-oldest-adage-of-market-research/

2016 Brexit @ 1.04.44

Questioning Vaccine Efficacy


There are two reasons why I wrote this piece. First, to reiterate with examples just how far our species has now wandered from the “natural” scientifically empirical approach to tackling problems. We go the wrong way round the block to the shop next door; while doing this, we wear our clothes inside out and bounce along upside-down on our heads, prior to returning home the right way up via the long way round by walking backwards. Second, I wrote it to point out that the people advising us to behave in this manner are not stupid at all; and equally, they are not working in the interests of anyone except their tiny clique. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday, even if you may not have enjoyed this part.


Ranjan and I caught up this afternoon.

What They Aren’t Admitting About the Digital Dollar…
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The Stylized Facts of the Macro Prudential Literature , succeeds in
doing what Stylized Facts do. That is The decoupling of The Entry
levels of the Market from Fundamentals has gone un-diagnosed. I am not
convinced that this is not condoned by implicit policy, where being
seen to be trying to do something is enough, Actually doing something
is not the standard of success, a triumph of Stylized Facts over
Substance, Perhaps?
“unlearn” erroneous but pervasive assumptions and ” Roger Lewis , CEO A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for ,.


Posted on 10 Oct 2016
The Dash For Cash: Leaked Files Reveal RBS Systematically Crushed British Businesses For Profit
The RBS Files expose the bank’s secret scheme to boost revenues during the financial crisis by draining businesses of cash and stripping their assets, blowing apart its previous statements to the public and parliament.

Creorder out of Covidstroika Chaos.



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