if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, In celebration of trial by Jury and “English” Common Law. Quality Street at Christmas. #Rittenhouse #SecondAmendment



Hi Mike,
I have been following the trial and the reporting on CNN particularly was unbelievably biased.
The whole of the trial was streamed live but of course many will not even fast forward through it to get a general sense of
all of the evidence presented.
I thought the Judge did a good job and it is an excellent example of how Juries are supposed to work under the tenets of
common law, a Jury of Peers finding on, the facts and the judge ruling and guiding on the law.
It is an excellent example of the superiority of the English Common Law System over the Continental Roman Law system.
The adversarial versus the inquisitorial. the presumption of Innocence, Habius Corpus versus prescriptive rights-based system
Totalitarian Technocracy goes for the Spanish Inquisition every time. Sadly whenever the old system shows its metal
and massive superiority to the elitist preference for the inquisitorial the PTB will remove a necessary component to
ensure failure in future trials. The eternal Millers’ thumb on the scale.
In a very real way, the US 2nd amendment is protecting us all from an immediate final lunge into the totalitarian Final NWO Solution.
This case of Kyle Rittenhouse will have a lot riding on it, Biden rowed back his initial comments that the Jury system works
to saying he was angry with the verdict. As the case was dismissed with Prejudice following the jury finding of
innocence on all charges, there is no appeal open to the Prosecution. I would not be surprised to see some bill introduced
by an Anti-Gun / 2nd Amendment zealots seeking removal of Jury Trials on Self defence matters involving legal 2nd amendment
I watched the Rugby yesterday, both exciting matches and won by the home teams with the final kicks of both games.
both metaphors to the old aphorism that it ain’t over until the final whistle?
I watched it using a free 30 day trial for Amazon Prime, the resolution of the available stream was lower than the times I have watched matches
over a VPN streaming the BBC or ITV, the “Show” was sponsored by the Mercedes Benz EQ.
The Rugby being on Amazon is an example of an American way of doing things coming across the pond which
to me is unwelcome, The Rittenhouse case is an example of an American way of doing things that endure
and which we should celebrate in our own Legal System, Which is the “English” Common Law.
In the mix here we can see how Forest Gumps box of chocolates can easily result in a repugnant selection.
He Said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get” This assumes that the Particular Box of Chocolates
is a selection box, in which case there may be some types which are not to the selector’s taste.
The Modern Totalitarian tin of Quality Street has some familiar wrappings and shapes but the product is all the same hard
toffee that sticks in your teeth. The Coca-Cola Christmas ad which ran during the half times of each match
demonstrates the same point Christmas Jingle and “Happy Holidays” words. “Christ” “Mass” is a holy Christian holiday Christmas,
why dilute it any further than it already has been?
In all of this, it used to be said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The modern way seems to be if it Works break it. Go Figure.

My Correspondence with my friend was very interesting on an exchange between us on the Latest ( at the time in any event ) Max Igan Video, which I felt was Anti Semetic.

21 hours ago
Not one of your more coherent Monologues Max.
Anti Semitism is a thing and I would say that this is anti-Semitic.
Say what you like I believe in free speech, our free speech is the best way to discover the limits of our own understanding.

Relativistic Dialectics Relativistic Dialectics Georges Metanomski On the 50’th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz . #Brexiteers and Climate Deniers the new Jews? #CovidPurpose #5GKillGrid #Vaxxed #TwoFingers2Brino @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @financialeyes #IABATO @JoeBlob20 #CovidBollocks #CodsWallop

One may certainly have a Jewish culture, speak Yiddish, Hebrew or ladino and tell Jewish jokes. However, culture is clearly a relativistic concept. Nazis may have used it as an indicator, but never as an essential, absolute criterion of discrimination. A large part of Jews murdered in Auschwitz had little or nothing to do with the Jewish culture. Some were Catholic priests, some have heard for the first time from the Nazis or from the blackmailers that they were Jews.The criterion of the Jewish religion is equally absurd. According to the Jewish law is Jew who has a Jewish mother, or who has been converted by a Jewish rabbin. However, in order to be sure that my mother is Jewish, I have to ascertain that she had herself a Jewish mother, or had been converted by a Jewish rabbin. The same holds of course for the converting rabbin. A clear case of a vicious circle.Consequently, the absolute concept “Jew” is empty and, as such, may get any arbitrary meaning. Heidrich understood it perfectly when he declared: “Wer Jude ist, entscheide ich” – “It’s me who decides who is a Jew”. [show less]

20 hours ago
” think the error he made was not to identify Zionists as a group who hold very different views to the traditional Jewish community”. I sent my comment to a freind. He disagrees with me and the comment I make above.

20 hours ago
Zionism as we both know is a Political view, not a religious one, although Zionism is a matter of religious faith and fulfilling “scripture” for some evangelical Christian groups.

This talk between Rabbi Shapiro and Gilad Altzman

Personally, I have found Max Igan seems to be becoming more extreme in his wish to pander to people who claim he is giving “Jews” a pass.
Regarding Chosenness, I think is again a much-misunderstood aspect of Jewish Faith groups, there is not only one Jewish faith but several versions as is true of all Religions or Cultural / Secular groupings.
When Max mentions the Protocols for instance in one of his films he quotes from the infamous letter from the Chief Rabbi of the Sanhiderain in Constantinople to the “Spanish” Jews. Apart from the fact that there seems not to have been a Sanhedrin since Roman times until it was resurrected by Napoleon 1 in the early 1800’s the letter itself is not a matter of Jewish Teaching as regards the Torah or the Talmud as far as I can gather.



I do think that cultural Jewish influence is undisputably apparent 199 of nobel laureates have been Jewish for instance I do not think that that is because the awards are rigged in favour of Jews?

you’re going okay jews they’ve been jews

This last video is hilarious by the way Jordan Peterson has an Interview with this guy again well worth watching.

Best [show less]


From My Freind

Max will conclude that you are that Troll that he refers to in his video.

You seem to have adopted the ‘WOKE’ school. Lacking a ‘second cup of Coffee’ this am.

Whats wrong with saying I don’t like ‘Jews’ or Pakistani’ or ‘English’ or ‘Welsh’ as they create problems and cause mayhem etc etc.

Why give anti-Semetic a special place.

In any event its a misused word as it refers to descendants of SHEM the son of Noah & those descendants include Arabs & others !!

Personally my pet hate is the WELSH….farting types from eating too many leeks…deep voices singing about hills & valleys…best place for that lot is keeping them down the mines shoveling coal & only letting them on the surface to breed so there are more Taffs to dig coal.

I have always adopted a ‘live & let live’ approach to things


Hi Mike,
I don’t care who likes or dislikes anyone Mike.
Actually identifying a particular group and at length talking about taking them out etc
based upon a dislike which in many cases may well be based upon no evidence, false evidence or merely a learned dislike based upon a particular convention within whichever group one feels is prejudiced or sinned against in some way isn’t a woke school reaction, it’s actually just saying
that whatever is being expressed is bullshit, in this case, Anti Semitic BS.
Just watched this one from Tony Gosling on Freemasonry.

here’s the event in London for their 300th anniversary

The Gosling effort is Anti Masonic, fair enough I suspect that the top masons must be Jews too, and the Jesuits, probably the salvation army, and the Womans Institute?
Simplyfying everything down to a single cause might make it quicker to communicate but is unlikely to be right, I am devoutly anti-stupid, and Anti-dumbing down
I think Max has done some good talks about the general condition of the state of affairs in different places I think his understanding as to the root causes may have some efficacy too, as to remedy’s I would certainly find it hard to trust his judgment calls on those and it is alarming to think that for Many Max will be their one source of what they seek as truth. That’s frightening I think, Anti-semitism or no anti semitism.
Hey Ho

If an alien visited Earth to sort things out. To implement equity..a fair monetary system..eradicate poverty..fair elections..excellent health etc etc

After the above is implemented there would still be people complaining….that’s the human race for you!!

No one individual has all the answers including Max Igan. There are some issues that are obvious that most would agree with but not all.

I firmly believe that all opinions should be aired & if that offends individuals or groups then so what.

The Jewish community repeat the horror stories of Nazi occupation & tend to exaggerate the same. What about the fate of the Russians under Stalin or the deaths in China under Mao or the attempted genocide of the Armenians..why are they not given the same profile. Why does the USA give Israel $billions each year. What was the motivation for the Balfour declaration? What about the settlements in Gazza which contravene a UN resolution. So its not surprising that the Jews are singled out for criticism.

Humans tend to form groups of all sorts be they tribes/nationalities/societies/clubs etc And within those associations they have common values.

So I have no difficulty in anyone commenting on any individual/group providing it is supported by some evidence.

Sometimes (probably Max too) people vent their anger about a whole lot of problems unfairly on a group when the root cause of the problems is a mix of things.

What irritates me is the idea that there is merit in a PC or Woke response to certain views as this approach smacks of the medieval idea of heretics & burning at the stake

If i hear someone’s comments that ‘jar’ with me I don’t immediately dismiss all they’ve said in the past or delete them..It’s all about whether their view is supported by reasoned argument. which i might think is misguided.

Hi Mike,
I think Zionism, and the Balfour Declaration are key issues revolving around the NWO imperial project.
Blaming the Jews is just another cynical layer of camouflage that the NWO project is happy to provoke.
Divide and rule is the old playbook and it is somewhat surprising to me that Max
has not cottoned on to that. The other is Climate Change. Holocaustianity and Climate belief systems are both related but to the NWO project and not orthodox faith groupings.
Watching the rugby, gotta love the bread and circuses.

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