This Dr much followed on Youtube but in his videos he seems to report official reports & fails to question same or do a common sense analysis.

At the start of the linked video he says anyone who has had Covid19 & then has a Jab then it is to be expected there will be inflamation around the injection site since the vaccine is interacting with the antibodies built up to defeat the original Covid19 infection.

He fails to make the point that if you have already had and recovered fromCovid19 & built up antibodies then whats the point in taking the jab & risking the adverse events??

I have seen his videos he has some good things to say about Ivermectin, He is not Anti Vax, not everyone is Mike.
Personally, I think he is genuine and does a good job.

I agree he is genuine but tha’ts not the point.

He certainly comes across as a ‘nice chap’ doing a ‘good job’

There are many ‘genuine’ people who don’t apply critical thinking and simply accept a situation & report developments.

Bit like those who think everything in the christian bible is fact and inerrant & so explore its content & meanings.

What this Dr does is read the official documents & explain them in lay men’s terms without any opinion as to whether they are comprehensive/truthfull

He never refers to the opinion of credible other medical/scientific people say Dr M Yeadon/Prof Delores Cahill/ Prof Malone/Prof Bhdaki etc etc

Questioning Vaccine Efficacy

America is Under Attack by Marxist Globalists – Martin Armstrong Interview

London Property Market

I think he is right about Stamp duty.

I have yet to see an estate agent getting a prediction right.

Their pronouncements are coloured by vested interests,

Can anyone name an agent who correctly called previous market corrections/crashes??

I think the Savills report and general research effort is very poor Mike.
They have hindsight as we all do and their own numbers confirm what Armstrong says about the Peak of the London Market this cycle 2016/2017.
As all Markets are manipulated and Bubbles are the name of the game I think that yields on retail and also offices show where the pump primer will be focused next.
This purchase by Blackrock is instructive
Also their activities in single family home acquisitions in the US are also instructive.

Hi Mike,
Whats your take on a Gold Standard? Bi-metallism , a carbon based or SI unit based Fiat Currency. Then the question to follow that is, what of International Exchange Rates?
I am not sure if Martin supports a Gold Standard?

2019 Election A recap- The Great NHS Heist. Protecting the NHS, Vaccination against Boris Johnsons Mendacity #LetsGetBrexitDone #BeingExtorted.

The Impossible Trilemma of international trade?

The inescapable trilemma of the world economy. “The End of Democracy, not the end of History”. @scientificecon @jbhearn @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @Lloyd__Evans #ConquestofDough #CovidPurpose #BlackWednesday

Creorder out of Covidstroika Chaos.

Are you up for a follow up to our pre 2019 election chat?

My first cup of coffee was thinking about your questions & the second is during writing my response.

Top down I think a monetary system should be simple & designed to prevent anyone from increasing wealth from purely financial transactions so that the quantity of money is determined by real economic growth and its distribution based upon an equitable system.

I would restrict/ban all of the following..derivatives/speculation/exchange rates/manipulation of currency & commodities.

With a clean slate this would mean a single ‘world currency’ and the available quantity being determined by the provision and productivity of the provision of goods and services.

The above outline scheme is of course is not comprehensive & is full of holes as regards implementation but perhaps ‘a starting point’

Dealing with the current situation I think a starting point should be to control the quantity of money in the system. I prefer using an economic determiner rather than say Gold or other tangible. I think a carbon related standard makes no sense as it could easily lead to manipulation.

Whatever the mechanism the real problem right now is corruption/malevolence/lack of social responsibility etc

Perhaps its too big a question to respond to so early in the morning

With a clean slate this would mean a single ‘world currency’

This is interesting Mike, I think a World standard of measurement would do.
Along the lines of the which is a unit of account.
An energy-based unit I think would work best and carbon is a good proxy for “Fossil Fuel Energy” KWh is a better unit in my opinion. Wes Freeburg advocates for an Si unit based upon the Plank wavelength, I feel that is too abstract.

The Big Apple Plan. Wesley Freeburg. Why Abstract Currencies Fail 

#153. One for the sceptics Nothing to fear but fear itself the economy as an energy transformation machine. #Nafta #RossPerot #WrongkindofGreen #EnergyEconomic #8thwaytothink #ConquestofDough #ObjectiveKhunts #GrubStreetJournal #OIP #Alexanadria

The European Exchange rate mechanism worked much more effectively than the EURO mike and the ERM which was designed by Bernard Leitaer could point to how A Global Unit of account gets past the Tyrannical outcomes likely from a World Currency?

my note to Wes on Quanta ( The Plank Constant unit he proposes.)

I’m not impressed with academic/complicated solutions

Why not a solution which is readily understood by ‘ordinary Joe’ type

Bit like writing..why use a long word when a simpler one will do & be readily understood by more people

Too many people try and make things complicated to show how clever they are!

I don’t think that applies to Wes Mike. Wes was a commodities trader and international exchange rates are a manipulated measure which is based upon another alleged measure which is a variable. You can not measure something against a variable it has to be measured against a fixed unit. Any explanation and solution will be complicated because it is a complex system.
Getting down to the fundamental question the old aphorism always was he who has the gold makes the rules. Now it is he who determines the exchange rate makes the rules.
Where we can see an experiment and compare the results the ECU versus the Euro is a good as an experiment we have, The ECU worked much better than the Euro has.
The other good experiment which Leitaer used to reference is the Wir and the Swiss Franc, the WIR being a Swiss business currency and the Swiss franc being an internationally traded one.
When the international market is shrinking the WIR is more widely used and Leitaer claims this explains why Switzerland is less volatile and less open to manipulation. Richard werner fields similar arguments as to why the Sparkasse system in Germany has aided stability in the German local economies.
They are interesting questions.

Catherine Gunns column on the Tony Gosling local politics show touched on this out today
from Fridays live broadcast.
Liverpool Womens Hospital Remembrance Day ‘Terror Attack’ Anomalies – Putin Spells Out Red Lines To Avoid Nuclear War – Public Enquiry Announced Into Salisbury Novichok Fairy Tale – Digital Currencies Destroy Democracy, Consolidate Power In Banksters Hands – Sacked Prof Proved Aluminium In Vaccines Causes Parkinsons And Alzheimers Disease – Vaccine Injury ‘Needle Bar’ Coach Launched – Publican: No Further Lockdowns Will Be Accepted In Gloucester – Freemasonry: European Royalty, United By Blood, Democracy And Revolutions An Illusion – Bryan Melvin’s Near Death Experience: Hell Is Something Between Dante’s Inferno And The Matrix Which Unveils Your True Nature – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
starts at 1.10.21
China and digital Yuan BBC. Katharine Gun on Central Banks accruing power through digital currency. Katharine Gun on religious edicts of go and multiply, and over population being a myth. Katharine Gun VI Digital Money & Use Of Great Reset/COP26 For Total Bankster Control – Bank of England takes next steps in digital money plan 9 November 2021 The Bank of England and the Treasury are to launch a formal consultation on a UK central bank digital currency. This evaluation of the design and possible benefits of a new kind of digital money is a further step towards its possible creation. The currency, for use by households and businesses, would sit alongside cash and bank deposits, rather than replacing them. No decision has been taken on whether to have such a currency in the UK. But the consultation in 2022 will form part of a “research and exploration” phase and will help the Bank and government develop the plans over the following few years. Central banks around the world are developing or exploring digital currencies after the rise of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. China, for example, is a front-runner in this global race, and is in the process of testing a digital yuan in major cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Its next steps are to improve the eCNY currency’s privacy protections and to improve how it interacts with other payments tools, People’s Bank of China governor Yi Gang said on Tuesday.

John Titus: Best Evidence seeks to chronicle major financial forces and legal changes behind America’s last days as a sovereign republic, as the rule of law is destroyed and the American people are disenfranchised and looted in broad daylight. In contrast to mass media outlets that rely without exception on propaganda (comprising innuendo, spin, emotion, cropped or partial data sets, agenda-driven conclusions, “expert” opinions from people with undisclosed financial interests, ad hominem attacks—all erected on a divide-and-conquer left-right platform), Best Evidence will present issues based on facts and source data.


Covid: the surprising fourth wave

This is a very good article

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