Enough Bla Bla Bla, Challenging the Davos Great New Narrative. Finding the Energy to re-set the Agenda.



Interview 1675 – The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

I think Kennedy is a courageous truth teller and Corbett remains one of the most level-headed guides to this whole shit show. I marvel at some of the comments, WTF is “the Jewish Curse on the kennedy’s”.
antiseptic on November 23, 2021 at 1:41 am

the jewish curse against the Kennedys
is still valid ! and he probably knows this.
it shows his courage but he has to look out
with watchful eyes .



I listened to all of this yesterday Kauffman and Cowan are both very good communicators and teachers, in the q and a Kauffman makes some very good comments about alleged “Shedding of spike protein” from the Vaxxed, Divide and rule works best when both sides turn against each other and in such polarisation myths of the wickedness of the other side take root pretty quick.(Shedding section of the video starts at 1hr.43min 53 secs For Dr Cowans and 1hr.36mins,11secs for Dr Kauffman)
The other Very interesting Exchange is at 2hrs 06 mins , a qustion from Thomas, for which the response is given two days later after considering the question.




The referencing and presentation of the embedded video is very poor and the difficulty of communicating the esoteric contradictions of scientific epistemologies to a wider already hysterical audience is amply demonstrated by this exchange
where I would characterize Dr. Kaufmann’s response as suspicious of the motivations of the questioner, his answer has several instances of “a poisoning the well”, approach to argumentation which frankly surprised me?

( If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:)

I will be trying to see if any further discussion has taken place between those familiar with the Paper and the SUbject generally? for me the final analysis remains inadequate.
The Bonus material does play the whole of the interaction as the original paper was introduced to the Presenters and the wider online audience.


Thomas Baldwin the questioner seems to be a professor of Mycology at North Dakota
It would certainly be rather helpful further Dr Kauffman and Prof. Baldwin to discuss the rebuttal which to my own standards is far from a closing of the question?

I know from my own Youtube stats that most people watch the first 30 seconds of most videos, that’s why the savvy YouTubers have a trailer of the main point at the beginning which gets more people to share. Most people who have clicked on the video will not have heard the subtleties in both presenters’ arguments brought out in the q and a’s and as they develop their presentation. Bumper stickers and clickbait, aphorisms, slogans, and chants rarely inspire reflection, they are of course a call to action to pass go and collect 200 pounds, and thus dumbing down with the assistance of endorphin rush addiction is easily achieved by the amplification of monopoly social media algorithms.

The presentation of Schwab’s great new narrative you sent yesterday shows how TPTB is not hanging around to argue on the finer point of Jabs and lockdowns they are already laying the groundwork for their darker purposes. To Find their real purposes I recommend this Paper by Dennis Rancourt.


This article has two main goals. The first is to demonstrate the large extent to which the global financial system determines national and regional reality in people’s lives and security, including in the USA itself and in theWestern world in general, with an emphasis on the two main post-World-War-II transformations, which were initiated in 1971, following the cancellation of the Bretton Woods agreement, and in1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. 

There is an interview in Counterpunch by Colin Todhunter ( A regular writer at Global Research International) about the paper, the interview does not do the paper justice.

My own blog yesterday and our discussion over the past few days and since the General election of 2019 are deeply embedded in the broad themes so well explained by Prof. Rancourt at the above linked paper,his Activist Teacher Blog is very good.LINKS to Denis Rancourt articles and interviews about COVID-19 and face masks
Dennis Ranacourt on Bitchute
Dennis isn’t as widely known as many Internet commentators his output is though still prolific. I think the harder to find prolific “Content Providers” are in many respects where the difficult questions are being asked and answered. There really isn’t that much left to discuss on Covid. The opportunistic or planned deaths of old people should be investigated. The fact the Jabs don’t work and carry greater risks than benefits for most being mandated to take them, should also be investigated and where wilful negligence or malice is proven at law, The appropriate legal redress should be handed down from the courts.
Meanwhile, the referee’s whistle has not been blown and we must play on, TPTB are playing on as we see with Klaus’s great new narrative, which is spoken to in the second part of Dennis’s Paper above. I.E the religiosity of Narrative control of Public Opinion.Truth in intensive care.

Eye See You. #ICU Busted Flushes and thread bare narratives. WMD’s to IOU’s #TheGreatBailin #OilBlackGold #InducedComa of a New Oil Shock #Bilderberg #OlofPalme

Truth in intensive care. Eye See You. #ICU Busted Flushes and thread bare narratives . WMD’s to IOU’s #TheGreatBailin #OilBlackGold #InducedComa of a New Oil Shock #Bilderberg #OlofPalme

Last Night In Lambeth. Terrorism , Rape, Politics and Religion. A Guide for the perplexed.(London Bridge and Bourough Market Murders)

@Jan_Mallien , Jan Mallien Asks a Corking question of Madame La Gaffe. ECB Bailing out Europe’s Bank’s, ECB catches a cold and the rest of us die of Pneumonia. Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Precariat. ECB announces measures to support bank liquidity conditions and money market activity. #Brexit #WTONow @davidgraeber @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby

James B. Quilligan The Brandt Report, The Brandt Equation, The Financial Commons and Blockchain.

Creorder out of Covidstroika Chaos.

re-branding-dissent/ Branding The Grub Street Journal, Prescience and GolemXIV Blog #GrubStreetJournal #DangerousKnowledge #GolemXIV #TheSlog #FinancialEyes

At last – Paul Romer got his ‘Nobel prize’​

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#153. One for the sceptics Nothing to fear but fear itself the economy as an energy transformation machine. #Nafta #RossPerot #WrongkindofGreen #EnergyEconomic #8thwaytothink #ConquestofDough #ObjectiveKhunts #GrubStreetJournal #OIP #Alexanadria

#Wasssupppp Putting it all together, Energy, Debt, War, Sanctions, Elitism, Money Money Money. #Trump #Hall #EROI #EmboddiedEnergy #CircularEconomy

Critical reflection on practice is a requirement of the relationship between theory and practice. Otherwise, theory becomes simply “blah, blah, blah, ” and practice, pure activism. Paulo Freire. Physician Heal Thyself. Luke 4.23

By Denis G. Rancourt, PhD
Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association (ocla.ca)
Member scientist, PANDA (pandata.org)
[ See section about the author’s expertise, at the end ]
Opinion/Belief (not submitted for journal publication)
This is purely my personal beliefs. I do not speak on behalf of OCLA or PANDA.
4 January 2021
At this time, I hold the following beliefs about COVID.

In 2020, no respiratory disease virus or viruses (the postulated SARS-CoV-2 included) caused any anomaly (total or incremental) in all-cause mortality.
All-cause mortality by month, week or day has the clear signature of localized mass deaths caused by the measures purportedly intended to reduce transmission (response-induced deaths).
The said signature of response-induced deaths, in all-cause mortality, includes:
Global synchronicity of sudden onsets immediately following the 11 March 2020 WHO declaration of a pandemic and recommendation to “prepare your hospitals”.
Unprecedented lateness in the seasonal cycle of the sudden onsets.
Extreme granularity of the intensities of the sudden onsets, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, from zero to very large, down to regional levels.
Unprecedented tight lockdowns of care homes, following transfers from hospitals of sick and infected patients, caused deadly epidemics in care homes.
Deadly epidemics in care homes in themselves are not new, and have been amply documented in the pre-2020 scientific literature.
Many respiratory disease viruses acted concomitantly in 2020, in association with bacterial pneumonias, as is always the case in heightened winter-season transmission and infection.
Assignment of cause of death as being due to SARS-CoV-2 is worthless. It is pure propaganda enabled by captured institutions.
No certified uncontaminated samples of the purported pathogen (SARS-CoV-2) were or are available for scientific study and biotech development. The genetic sequence was concocted in the absence of a purified sample of the presumed pathogen, using indirect methods.
The RT-PCR test that was devised for COVID-19 has no clinical or epidemiological value whatsoever. It is one of the greatest scandals in public health history.
The USA is a special case because it has a large population that is particularly vulnerable to great harm from large-scale societal measures. Relevant factors include: obesity, poverty, social class oppression, precarious workforce, substandard universal health care, high social tensions, large income disparity, large homeless and working poor underclasses, aggressive Big Pharma capture, high seasonal vaccination rate, high pharma and illegal drug use, high density of atomized or socially isolated individuals, poor nutrition, low physical activity rates, high rate of psychological depression, high rates of built environment air-conditioning without ventilation, and so on.
Transmission of viral respiratory diseases is not by contact. It is overwhelmingly by aerosol particles in air. Surface cleaning and hand washing are virtually useless for slowing transmission.
Masks do not work to reduce transmission, and cause significant harm to school children, and to society.
The magical “one way mask”, which does not protect the wearer but acts as “source control”, is an invention for propaganda. It is contrary to the physics of breathing aerosol particles suspended in the fluid air. It is a ridiculous fantasy.
Vaccine trials funded, run, documented, and reported by Big Pharma are at best untrustworthy. They should not be allowed, and they are probably falsified.
Vaccines for seasonal viral respiratory diseases are a bad idea. They are dangerous, harmful, and unnecessary. They are driven by profit, not by actual public health.
By far, the main determinants of disease severity for seasonal viral respiratory diseases are: psychological stress, social isolation, individual health status, obesity, and immunological history (including vaccination challenges).
My competence to develop beliefs about COVID

Links to my articles about COVID are listed here:

I am retired and a former tenured Full Professor of Physics, University of Ottawa. Full Professor is the highest academic rank. During my 23-year career as a university professor, I developed new courses and taught over 2000 university students, at all levels, and in three different faculties (Science, Engineering, Arts). I supervised more than 80 junior research terms or degrees at all levels from post-doctoral fellow to graduate students to NSERC undergraduate researchers. I headed an internationally recognized interdisciplinary research laboratory, and attracted significant research funding for two decades.

I have been an invited plenary, keynote, or special session speaker at major scientific conferences some 40 times. I have published over 100 research papers in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, in the areas of physics, chemistry, geology, bio-geochemistry, measurement science, soil science, and environmental science.

My scientific h-index impact factor is 40, and my articles have been cited more than 5,000 times in peer-reviewed scientific journals (profile at Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=1ChsRsQAAAAJ).

My personal knowledge and ability to evaluate the facts in this article are grounded in my education, research, training and experience, as follows:

Regarding environmental nanoparticles. Viral respiratory diseases are transmitted by the smallest size-fraction of virion-laden aerosol particles, which are reactive environmental nanoparticles. Therefore, the chemical and physical stabilities and transport properties of these aerosol particles are the foundation of the dominant contagion mechanism through air. My extensive work on reactive environmental nanoparticles is internationally recognized, and includes: precipitation and growth, surface reactivity, agglomeration, surface charging, phase transformation, settling and sedimentation, and reactive dissolution. In addition, I have taught the relevant fluid dynamics (air is a compressible fluid), and gravitational settling at the university level, and I have done industrial-application research on the technology of filtration (face masks are filters).
Regarding molecular science, molecular dynamics, and surface complexation. I am an expert in molecular structures, reactions, and dynamics, including molecular complexation to biotic and abiotic surfaces. These processes are the basis of viral attachment, antigen attachment, molecular replication, attachment to mask fibers, particle charging, loss and growth in aerosol particles, and all such phenomena involved in viral transmission and infection, and in protection measures. I taught quantum mechanics at the advanced university level for many years, which is the fundamental theory of atoms, molecules and substances; and in my published research I developed X-ray diffraction theory and methodology for characterizing small material particles.
Regarding statistical analysis methods. Statistical analysis of scientific studies, including robust error propagation analysis and robust estimates of bias, sets the limit of what reliably can be inferred from any observational study, including randomized controlled trials in medicine, and including field measurements during epidemics. I am an expert in error analysis and statistical analysis of complex data, at the research level in many areas of science. Statistical analysis methods are the basis of medical research.
Regarding mathematical modelling. Much of epidemiology is based on mathematical models of disease transmission and evolution in the population. I have research-level knowledge and experience with predictive and exploratory mathematical models and simulation methods. I have expert knowledge related to parameter uncertainties and parameter dependencies in such models. I have made extensive simulations of epidemiological dynamics, using standard compartmental models (SIR, MSIR) and new models.
Regarding measurement methods. In science there are five main categories of measurement methods:
spectroscopy (including nuclear, electronic and vibrational spectroscopies),
imaging (including optical and electron microscopies, and resonance imaging),
diffraction (including X-ray and neutron diffractions, used to elaborate molecular, defect and magnetic structures),
transport measurements (including reaction rates, energy transfers, and conductivities), and
physical property measurements (including specific density, thermal capacities, stress response, material fatigue…).
I have taught these measurement methods in an interdisciplinary graduate course that I developed and gave to graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students of physics, biology, chemistry, geology, and engineering for many years. I have made fundamental discoveries and advances in areas of spectroscopy, diffraction, magnetometry, and microscopy, which have been published in leading scientific journals and presented at international conferences. I know measurement science, the basis of all sciences, at the highest level.

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