Millenarianism and a small thought on the Casus Beli, Proschema in the Cui Bono Stakes.

As Stephen Jay Gould notes:

The Median Isn’t the Message, by Stephen Jay Gould .#FakeNumbers are the new #FakeNews

Millennium is from the Latin mille, “one thousand,” and annus, “year”—hence the two n’s. Millenarian is from the Latin millenarius, “containing a thousand (of anything),” hence no annus, and only one “n”.[5]

I think we have entered an extraordinary time of Millenarian conflict between the Great resetter Cult of State Monopoly Climate belief Catastrophism and the Millenarianism of a whole host of older factions stood against the Loosely defined “They”. They are defined by each group according to which jetson and flotsam group, the deep fear and anxiety have seemed best to clamber upon from the chaotic shipwreck induced by the Hysterical and incredible claims of doom made by the Great Reset Catastrophists.
It is important to remember that any group is likely to be infiltrated and influenced to the benefit of the dominant Great Reset Catastrophists.
Ivermectin Pun intended!
Northern Territory?
Is this a Land Grab or a Genocide?

$50 million in grants to unlock Beetaloo Basin potential

Northern Sudan?
Land Grab or Genocide

Ukraine, Syria and the Pipeline wars, Shale oil and the rewriting of Indigenous people’s treaties

DAVID STARKEY | SDP CONFERENCE 2021. A man for all seasons. This isn’t Spain its England. The new Inquisition of Woke.

Casus belli, Proschema

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Enough Bla Bla Bla, Challenging the Davos Great New Narrative. Finding the Energy to re-set the Agenda.

Cui Bono
Hi David, I re-read your Syria Cui Bono series yesterday and listened to the podcast. I scribbled a blog…/the… wit some lazy cut and pastes but also embedded the podcast interview you did which is excellent.
Yesterday marked a turning point in Trump World. The joint press conference with King Abdullah is worth watching in full. Coupled With Bannon being moved sideways, the Zionist/Wahabi aligned foreign policy has won out over the Moslem Brotherhood-aligned policy so its Saudi, Golan Heights and continued nefarious action against Assad.
We will see how President Trump and XI of China get along tomorrow if they meet at all.
I wonder if with this seemingly emerging taming of President Trump we will see something of the Empires hand regarding Carbon/debt based currency, with the dollar linked to Carbon emissions, this might well be woven in with some sort of Bashing the fed to pacify fly over America that is Alex Jones Awake, as opposed to being fully awake.
I suspect it might be a temporary pocket of thinner fog.
Have you tried any Prof Bruce Charlton? here is his latest which I find interesting.…/exit-polls-are… actually it’s the two first ones together that sort of amount to more than the sum of the parts.…/could-computers…

My Interview about Syria on NPR
by Golem XIV on SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 in LATEST
In case you would like to hear it, I was interviewed about Syria and Gas, by Claudia Cragg for NPR (National Public Radio) in the States. The interview ran on the Boulder, Colorado station KGNU. You can go to Claudia’s web page and follow the link or you can go direct to the Pod Cast […]
Syria – Cui bono Part Three – Europe and the USA
by Golem XIV on SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 in LATEST
The official story about any intervention in Syria is that we are not after any benefit for ourselves. We are just appalled at the use of gas and feel ourselves to be the guardians of international law, freedom and innocent children. Yeah right! In part One I took issue with this ‘Simple World’ narrative. In […]
Syria – Cui bono Part 2 – Qatar, Saudi, Russia and Gas
by Golem XIV on SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 in LATEST
Our leaders would like you to believe that what is going on in Syria is simple – a bad man has gassed innocent victims and it is up to good people to punish him (take out his air defenses), prevent him from ever doing it again (regime change) and serve notice to other bad men […]
Syria – Cui bono? Part 1
by Golem XIV on SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 in LATEST
Once again the current rulers of the USA have decided some little dusky-brown skinned people need to be saved from some other dusky-brown skinned people. Once again they’ll be saving them by bombing. Carefully, of course, and with every effort made to kill only the bad brown ones and not the good brown ones, and […]
Israel bombs Syria from Turkish base – claim and counter-claim
by Golem XIV on JULY 16, 2013 in LATEST
According to a report by RT Israel used a Turkish base from which to launch a bombing raid on Syria. Since that first report claims, counter-claims and denials have been launched on all sides. Richard Silverstein at Canada’s Global Research was one of the first to offer an analysis of the story. As he says, …this […]
Syria – a small thought.
by Golem XIV on FEBRUARY 17, 2012 in LATEST
The Guardian, on its breaking news ticker, is now running a report from PA news wire under the headline “Hague: Syrian Leader should quit..” The article says, Some 137 countries backed a non-binding resolution at the UN General Assembly in New York supporting an Arab League plan that calls for Assad to step down and […]

Some parts of the world have already gone temporarily mad, and the Resistance to that is hopelessly optimistic and divided. The Slog explains why flailing around in the swamp is not the way

An Open Letter to President Trump: Drain the Monetary Swamp from Nick Egnatz Munster


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