Play the Whistle. So what if the Vaccines are clearly off side, The NWO is running towards yet another open goal.

I am reminded of the try that wales scored at the weekend against Australia. The referee had not blown his whistle for what looked like a possible knock-on, The Australians and the rest of the welsh team stopped and Tomkins ran in an easy try

Continuing to argue that the whistle should have been blown for the Vaccine offense, is pointless Klaus Schwab and his Great reset catastrophe climate belief millenarian roadshow is charging at an open try line, open goal etc.

The Vaccines are first and foremost about the Passports and the Passports are a Social points system for the New Feudalism which the Davos version of State Monopoly Capitalism has in store.

The 2020 US Election was rigged, in all likelihood, the French election will be rigged come the Spring.

Ironically this documentary was made by the Blue Team against the Russian interference narrative of 2016 and whether President trump would allow a peaceful transfer of power.

US Polls, What to look for , the Battleground States #Trafalgar #Rasmussen #USPolling #MediaBias #FrankLuntz #RogerStone #MAGA #NigelFarage #Brexit

Millenarianism and a small thought on the Casus Beli, Proschema in the Cui Bono Stakes.

President Trumps Remarks to the New York Economics Club Yesterday. A look back to his pre-election Speech at the same venue. “It’s The Money Power Stupid, The Gnomes of Zurich, it was ever thus! “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam, nihil sub sole novum”. #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV #MAGA

Pot Kettle Black anyone?

Let’s stop playing catch up

Play to the whistle
This week’s English football phrase is the expression to play to the whistle which basically means to keep playing until you hear the referee blow his whistle to stop the game. This phrase is used a lot when children first start playing football to teach them about the game and though it is not a rule it is regarded as very good advice. Unfortunately the Spurs and Brazilian goalkeeper did not play to the whistle in his team’s defeat against Manchester United at Old Trafford last weekend. The keeper threw down the ball as he felt that it was a free kick after the opposing striker Nani had handled the ball. However, the referee had not blown his whistle for a foul and so the Manchester United player kicked the ball into the empty net. Of course, there are those who say Nani did not play to the spirit of the game while others blame the keeper for not playing to the whistle. To Play to the Whistle.

Millenarianism and a small thought on the Casus Beli, Proschema in the Cui Bono Stakes.


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