Tulip Manias and Fragility in our Democracy, part 2. Steve Keen and Layne Hartsel #BTC #Bitcoin #ETH #Bitfinex #CraigWright


i’m not going to get into the religious
wars over which who’s
invented bitcoin and what bitcoin is but

A Market of one cannot be manipulated ? Bitcoins(One Currency) Forked up Logic.

Keen does however go Religous on Carbon Rationing in this interview.


Exploring Economics Lectures 05: Making economics consistent with thermodynamics I don’t ever want to be accused of Blowing Smoke up Steves Arse so here’s a critique of the good Profs Atmospheric Physics. Prof Keen is a fine Monetary Theorist and not so strong on the ol´ Atmospheric Physics. Readers and watchers might find the Rocket Science Journal of assistance in Explaining what is singularly garbled in this presentation at 53 mins. http://www.rocketscientistsjournal.com/ On the Limits for Growth please also take account of the criticisms of the assumed boundary conditions, again a source of confusion in Prof Keens explanations in this video. Robert Solow from MIT argued that prediction in The Limits to Growth was based on a weak foundation of data (Newsweek, March 13, 1972, p. 103). Allen Kneese and Ronald Riker of Resources for the Future (RFF) stated: The authors load their case by letting some things grow exponentially and others not. Population, capital and pollution grow exponentially in all models, but technologies for expanding resources and controlling pollution are permitted to grow, if at all, only in discrete increments.[27]

Technocracy, Energy Based Economics, Howard Scotts St Pierre Hotel Speech and some Comments.


Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof – Dr. Craig Wright Blog #Satoshi Who gives a Fuck. Who´s the Daddy?

On Tulip Manias and Fragility in our Nascent Democracy Part 1
for ethereum to have utility as a means of exchange what is needed is stability, money has several functions Store of Value means of exchange and unit of account being the most well known. The idea of Bitcoin and ethereum being in competition is unhealthy for both. Both currencies are complementary and their chief predator and enemy is FIAT money or Central Banks and issuers of FIAT money credit. Ether and Bitcoin are vanishingly insignificant in the context of the Trillion dollars Global FIAT derivatives market. Money is by definition debt in the current system and both Ether and Bitcoin are pegged to FIAT currencies and hence debt. The size of the FIAT debt market dwarves Bitcoin and Ether and they are both highly vulnerable to market manipulation, as such they are merely tolerated. As long as they are seen speculatively there is a potential problem but, if Cryptocurrency generally is seen as a complementary alternative system that is symbiotically connected and mutually supporting outside of a FIAT money framework then real value and enduring value will be created and become
un-manipulated by the structured/rigged and Coercive FIAT debt ´´Markets“`
Here are two blogs I did on Ether and Bitcoin over a year ago. Both Ether and Bitcoin are and have been in Bubble territory, diversification and balanced portfolios rule in what is a highly volatile and As I say very very small and therefore highly manipulated market place. Remember, Money and Value is make believe so have lots and lots of dreams, not just one.

The rigging of the Digital World ( The computer always says no!)



Lagom/Förenas a new; complementary, federated, embodied energy, Currency. Peoples Republic of Dough. Ethereums Most important conversation Ever #Web 3 Embodied Energy Money.

Föres Lagom Federated Currency Slide Talk. ⨊GåFöre(O⨋)The FedratedMutualSociety.⨊Före(s)And⨋Lagom(s) Putting the Complementary into Crypto Currencies!.

⨊GåFöre(O⨋)The FedratedMutualSociety.⨊Före(s)And⨋Lagom(s) Putting the Complementary into Crypto Currencies!.

Redefining Fiscal Conservatism. The Terra/Energy Based Fiscal Unit. Föres and Lagom White Paper, Boundary Conditions for a Fiscal Conservatism based upon Circular Economics. PART ONE Scope.

The Bank of Energy. #Energy #Graphine #MaterialsTechnology. Opportunity Cost of Energy. Part 1, Technology.

ETF’s a warning from @DavidGolemXIV David Malone is ( D’Artagnan) #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 #MagicMoneyTree

Craig Wright, Super Computers, Whales and Markets of One? Fourth Languages Looping and Being bit on the Arse. #GrubStreetJournal #CryptoGossip #IamSatoshi

#151: The Great (brick) Wall of China. #SEEDS #IOP #Alexandria #GrubStreetJournal #Flo #Energy #EROI #EROE #SurplusEnergy #DisintermediatedDistributiveFinance @AdjyLeak @storjproject @ErikVoorhees @WeAreChangeNYC @alexandria @KimDotcom @BlocktechCEO @OpenIndexProto  @FLOblockchain @Suitpossum @ActivistPost @DanDicksPFT @IluvCO2 @Piers_Corbyn @Ian56789 @juanbenet @Free_Ross @realbitcoinwiki @aantonop @Brett_Shavers @OpenIndexProto  @Suitpossum @MrTardigradeUK @2013Boodicca @financialeyes @JoeBlob20


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