Aadhaar ? Ah ha! So thats what all this is about. Ranjan has a London Conversation with Piers Corbyn


Great questions at the end. The Blog on Aadhaar on the London Conversation is here. https://londonconversation.com/from-the-web/covid-passports-digital-currencies/ Usha Ramanathan https://thewire.in/rights/usha-ramanathan-aadhaar-opposition As a Climate Change Skeptic it seems Piers could do with investigating the sort of Carbon Rationing being advocated by Steve Keen in this interview. https://youtu.be/dBxaGsLxACo?t=1348 Renegade Inc | Steve Keen: This is where we are… And how we got here The question is what are the Hyper Wealthy Oligarch class doing why are Central Bank Balance sheets remaining massively inflated? Prof. Richard Werner put it this way at the beginning of the “Plandemic”
Richard Werner
Central banks “broke the centuries-old Concordat with the commercial banks” (Charles Goodhart) & now aim to take away the private-sector banks’ business by launching their own retail accounts & digital currency & pushing banks out of business by regulation & low-interest policy.

The New Dehli Farmers are but one side of the Great GMO heist, the Ownership of modified genes through Patents on seeds is one side of the equation in the new Neo Feudalism the ownership of Human souls and body’s is not sought but the ownership of the Genetic Therapies that keep them alive through constant “SOFTWARE UPDATES” is a very real possibility or potential control mechanism which will have been discussed within the church of the Trans Humanist Singularity.
Aadhaar ? Ah ha! So thats what all this is about. Ranjan has a London Conversation with Piers Morgan

Aadhaar ? Ah ha! So thats what all this is about. Ranjan has a London Conversation with Piers Morgan


An alarmed Bar Council of Delhi asks this in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi: “How can any litigation having civil consequences be given for adjudication to structures involving administrative agencies, controlled and run by executive authorities?”

(Among executive authorities, read sub-divisional magistrates and additional district magistrates – all famed for their independence and bursting with good faith and good intent, as every Indian knows). The Bar Council of Delhi goes on to term the transfer of judicial powers to the executive as “dangerous and a blunder.” And notes its impact on the legal profession: “It will substantially damage district courts in particular and uproot the lawyers.”

Still think the laws are only about farmers?

Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All? Or is it all about the money?

Seasonal Adjustment Disorder ( SAD) The Inertia Movement an antedote to dystopian Momentum. The ethereal versus the unreal #WrongKindofGreen



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