A Nightcap with Ranjan. some R&R on the days and weeks dialogue.

full spectrum surveillance apparatus through digital passports, #Thiel, #Schmidt #Assange , When Google Met Wikileaks #Bilderberg #Palantir

1. Introduction
I believe at this point that Vaccine hysteria is actually the objective of TPTB and it is a good strategy whilst a full spectrum surveillance apparatus through digital passports is put in Place, The Chinese Model, Aadhaar and CBDC ( Central Bank Digital Currency ), State monopoly capitalism, Palantir, and Thiel are key aspects to these technocratic world views.
2. When Google met Wikileaks
3. Julian Assange and David Graeber Brexit Breakfast Club at Ecuadorian Embassy
4. Brexit, The Atlanticist angle. Brexit Schmexit?
Varafoukis, Craig Murray
5. Seattle 1999.
6. Assange a threatening World View. Censorship is always a cause for celebration.
7. Seth Rich, Wasserman-Shulz, Bernie, Hilary, and the 2016 Democratic Nomination.
8. The Brexit and Flyover America Vote. ( Michael Moore in Trump Land, Big FU)
9. Grub Street Journal, Web 3, Distributed Networks ( New Solarium Report,

Wheres the Beef, Meat and Two veg or boiled beef and carrots. Tyranny of the Vegans. Brick in the wall. Hole in the wall.A WARNING FROM TOMORROW . Solarium from Ike to Trump. #CovidPurpose #FollowtheDebt #DebtServitude #Goodwillhunting #Wheresthebeef #KarlRove

10. Dr. Richard North Whose side is he on and NATO.

Who do you think you are kidding Dr North If you think we’re on the Run. #Technocracy #OligarchicalCollectivism

11. Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition. Out of the Closet “Thought Leadership.
#COP26 #CopOff
Visionary realism: A green future beyond capitalism – Yanis Varoufakis, Ann Pettifor & Noam Chomsky
55,665 views Streamed live on 15 Nov 2021

GateKeepers, Chomsky, Strawmen and James Corbet, ´Ít seemed so to him."

12. The Slog, The real Agenda Public health or Public Stealth?
Omicron, the Deathless pandemic
13. Naomi Wolf Da Ali G Show – Naomi Wolf, Feminist

14. I fought the Law, The Clash.

15. Classical Feminism v Post Modern Feminism.
Feminism Has Been Hijacked By White Middle Class Women

16. Undermining the Social Contract Bob Gill The Great NHS Heist.

Do the Sheikh & Vaxx to Put the Freshness Back

Dr Bob Gill — General Election 2019 — Great NHS Heist

17. Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, “Investment Banking”!
18. Predatory Lending, Sub Prime The Beginning of the end. Debt Generation.
NotTheLeadershipCoups, David Malone, Enfant terrible of the BBC Horizon Programme, turned Radical Green Politician.
JUNE 26, 2017
David Malone: Ungarbled (I Hope) Pt.1

NotTheLeadershipCoups, David Malone, Enfant terrible of the BBC Horizon Programme, turned Radical Green Politician.

19. Its all about swaps.


20. The Great Money Trick

The Great Money Trick. Paying for promises,

Bankers and Skin in the Game? Taleb continued And Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Ezra Pound and Lord Byron?

21. Shock Doctrine Confessions of an Economic Hitman, what they don’t tell you about Capitalism etc. MONOPOLY. FILM ABOUT NOW FROM #WHO TO #THEY

22. Bagehot was a Shadow Banker:
Shadow Banking, Central Banking, and the Future of Global Finance
Perry Mehrling, Zoltan Pozsar, James Sweeney, Dan Neilson*
August 15, 2012


23. NHS Heist.

2019 Election A recap- The Great NHS Heist. Protecting the NHS, Vaccination against Boris Johnsons Mendacity #LetsGetBrexitDone #BeingExtorted.

24. We thought we would get Flying cars and ended up with 48 Characters. Musk, Acuri and all that.
Elon Musk wins defamation case over ‘pedo guy’ tweet about caver


Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility for All Recessions. Some Observations.


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