Defacto Bi-oilism. Petro/CarbonDollar Standard. The Burning Platform, Seeking Alpha and British Interests in Ukraine? A failure to deal with Abundance. Watching the Wheels.

The Gold Standard was replaced by a Defacto

Truth in intensive care. Eye See You. #ICU Busted Flushes and thread bare narratives . WMD’s to IOU’s #TheGreatBailin #OilBlackGold #InducedComa of a New Oil Shock #Bilderberg #OlofPalme

Bi-oilism.Petro/CarbonDollar Standard

The PetroDollar Standard, with Saudi oil production being a swing producer to facilitate inflation of the currency.
In January 2005, Saudi Arabia increased its number of operating rig count by 144%, to increase oilproduction by only 6.5%. This suggests that the market swing producer (as Saudi Arabia was seen) wasnot able increase production enough to meet increasing demand.

Plateau Oil. A variation on the idea of peak oil. AT Plateaux production no swing capacity in Oil Supply is similar to demonetizing Silver giving a defacto PetroDollar Standard which is inherently deflationary.

QED, Welcome to the new Oil Shock.

Enough Bla Bla Bla, Challenging the Davos Great New Narrative. Finding the Energy to re-set the Agenda.

Tapping Reserves Will Fail. Petrodollars, Gold Bugs, SDR’s and FDR. Answering the question before last #CorbettReport #InanitionofTruth “FatBlair” #DeathCultCoolAidJunkie

#Wasssupppp Putting it all together, Energy, Debt, War, Sanctions, Elitism, Money Money Money. #Trump #Hall #EROI #EmboddiedEnergy #CircularEconomy

Going Direct to the Horse’s Mouth. Hilldebrand ( Blackrock)and Sedwill,( Cabinet office UK. ( Spook) Same Script different theatre.

An Emperors New Clothes Moment. Pivot to the Economy and Monetary System. An Epidemic of Debt, #Debtgov21 a new variant on #GFC08

Innovating to Zero Debt. A Model Answer.

The Central Bank Coup det Tat. Hugh Hendry and Prof. Richard Werner , Are we headed for A 90’s style “Japanese” lost decade? #WAGTHECOV

Awake! awake O sleeper of the land of shadows, wake! expand! I am in you and you in me, mutual in love divine:

In the manner of the Hymn numbers posted for the order of service. The Perfect Storm and Dr Tim Morgans Surplus Energy Economics Blog. #155 #GrubStreetJournal @Wiki_Ballot

Visionary realism: A green future beyond capitalism – Yanis Varoufakis, Ann Pettifor & Noam Chomsky. Some Observations.

Crony Capitalist Virus 2020 , Truth to Power. Brexit, Globalism, Feudalism, Green New Deal, the Epidemic of Bullshit Unravelled. @davidgraeber @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby #Life on the Farm, #TwoLegsGood From 1984 to Animal Farm. Thinning the Herd and the Inanition of Stock. Boris’s Technocratic Dystopia, Singapore on Thames #WrongKindofGreen #WaroftheWorlds

He rates the people ‘as if he were a God to punish, and not a man of their infirmity.’ He scoffs at one of their tribunes for maintaining their rights and franchises: ‘Mark you his absolute shall?’ not marking his own absolute will to take every thing from them, his impatience of the slightest opposition to his own pretensions being in proportion to their arrogance and absurdity.

The Covid Cabaret and Climate the Musical. Carbon Credits Make the World Go Round. “If you happen to be poor” #ConquestofDough #PrincesofTheYen #Coriolanus

1977 age of uncertainty
Calvinism shaped society work ethic.

abandon Calvinsim adopt hedonism.

Queen Mab

Nature! -no!
Kings, priests and statesmen blast the human flower
Even in its tender bud; their influence darts
Like subtle poison through the bloodless veins
Of desolate society. The child,
Ere he can lisp his mother’s sacred name,
Swells with the unnatural pride of crime, and lifts
His baby-sword even in a hero’s mood.
This infant arm becomes the bloodiest scourge
Of devastated earth; whilst specious names,
Learnt in soft childhood’s unsuspecting hour,
Serve as the sophisms with which manhood dims
Bright reason’s ray and sanctifies the sword
Upraised to shed a brother’s innocent blood.
Let priest-led slaves cease to proclaim that man
Inherits vice and misery, when force
And falsehood hang even o’er the cradled babe,
Stifling with rudest grasp all natural good.
Queen Mab Shelly. 44 iv
44 1v

DAVID STARKEY | SDP CONFERENCE 2021. A man for all seasons. This isn’t Spain its England. The new Inquisition of Woke.


This Jazz Harmony Lesson has changed my whole perception of guitar playing and had a profound effect on my own consciousness regarding existence itself.

” Merdheutigkeit”(heterossemy)”PLURALITY

This process of the same chordal structure having multiple meanings is known in the classical theoretical tradition of the 19th century as ” Merdheutigkeit” or multiple meaning. In jazz theory I found the expression Plurality ( Grove, 1972). In a research I did I related the concept to linguistics (heterossemy) and to the creative process. “PLURALITY: The creative process of ressignification of harmonic and melodic structures”

How readily the pecking order has regiments in line, volunteers to a false consciousness of liberation by societies consumptive ills, Polysemous

At the sign, Obey and join the Que.

ESCHATOLOGY END TIMES PROPHESYPROBLEM REACTION SOLUTIONSCARE THE SHIT OUT OF EM AND KEEP EM POORCALVIN SAID Belloc characterised the Reformation as´´a rising of the rich against the poor´´,´and indeed Calvin had written the unfortunate statement:´´The people must always be kept in poverty in order that they remain obedient´´.


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