Bromides as Allogeries of Suppressed Self Interest. #Sraffa, #Wittgenstein, and #Gramsci

Bromide suicide afternoon tea
commonplace chattering a twattering banality.
Watch your step, watch the news
The Attitude platitude
Stay at home, Save Lives Protect the NHS
Sylogism, any ism wrapped up in
Self censor, servetude
stereotype that old chestnut
Forget the Palliative Vaccinate
Seperate, compartmentalise, Water tightness
Branching out wood from trees

“Well, God has arrived. I met him on the
5:15 train.”
He felt
“like a tree from which
all branches have been cut.”

Unseen Adage Lost proverb
Failed Maxim Forgotten Aphorism
Overlooked Byword Missed Saying
Concealed Motto Neglected Dictum
Cancelled Epigram Ignored Axiom.


Already in 1922, Piero Sraffa’s father, Angelo, who was the Rector of BucconiUniversity, had received two telegrams fromMussolini, demanding that Piero shouldretract a critical account of Italian financialpolicies he had published in the ManchesterGuardian (as it happens, on John MaynardKeynes’s invitation). It was “spreading mistrust” and was “an act of true and real sabotage,” Mussolini complained. Angelo Sraffa,a courageous and resolute academic, repliedthat the article stated only “known facts” andthere was nothing in particular to be retracted. Piero Sraffa had several other altercations with the Italian government in theyears following, and warmed to an invitationconveyed in a letter from John MaynardKeynes in January 1927 to take up a lectureship in Cambridge. He moved to Cambridgein September that year. By the timeWittgenstein returned to Cambridge inJanuary 1929,

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“Are you acquainted with Tolstoy’s The Gospel in Brief? At its time, this book virtually kept me alive. . . . If you are not acquainted with it, then you cannot imagine what an effect it can have upon a person.”—Ludwig Wittgenstein, in a letter to Ludwig von Ficker. The Gospel in Brief is Leo Tolstoy’s integration of the four biblical Gospels into a single account of the life of Jesus. Inspired in large measure by Tolstoy’s meticulous study of the original Greek versions of the Bible, The Gospel in Brief is a highly original fusion of biblical texts and Tolstoy’s own influential religious views. Tolstoy explains that his goal is a solution to “the problem of life,” not an answer to theological or historical questions. As a result, he sets aside such issues as Jesus’ genealogy and divinity, or whether Jesus in fact walked on water. Instead, he focuses on the words and teachings of Jesus, stripped of what Tolstoy regarded as the Church’s distortions and focus on dogma and ritual. The result is a work that emphasizes the individual’s spiritual condition in a chaotic and indifferent world. Like Tolstoy’s celebrated literary achievements, The Gospel in Brief has the distinct bearing of a classic: in its urgency and directness it is remarkably current, as if it were written only yesterday rather than a century ago.

‘But that was nothing to what things came out
From the sea-caves of Criccieth yonder.’
‘What were they? Mermaids? Dragons? Ghosts?’
‘Nothing at all of any things like that.’
‘What were they, then?’
‘All sorts of queer things,
Things never seen or heard or written about,
Very strange, un-Welsh, utterly peculiar
Things. Oh, solid enough they seemed to touch,
Had anyone dared it. Marvellous creation,
All various shapes and sizes, and no sizes,
All new, each perfectly unlike his neighbour,
Though all came moving slowly out together.’
‘Describe just one of them.’
‘I am unable.’
‘What were their colours?’
‘Mostly nameless colours,
Colours you’d like to see; but one was puce
Or perhaps more like crimson, but not purplish.
Some had no colour.’
‘Tell me, had they legs?’
‘Not a leg or foot among them that I saw.’
‘But did these things come out in any order?’
What o’clock was it? What was the day of the week?
Who else was present? How was the weather?’
‘I was coming to that. It was half-past three
On Easter Tuesday last. The sun was shining.
The Harlech Silver Band played Marchog Jesu
On thirty-seven shimmering instruments
Collecting for Caernarvon’s (Fever) Hospital Fund.
The populations of Pwllheli, Criccieth,
Portmadoc, Borth, Tremadoc, Penrhyndeudraeth,
Were all assembled. Criccieth’s mayor addressed them
First in good Welsh and then in fluent English,
Twisting his fingers in his chain of office,
Welcoming the things. They came out on the sand,
Not keeping time to the band, moving seaward
Silently at a snail’s pace. But at last
The most odd, indescribable thing of all
Which hardly one man there could see for wonder
Did something recognizably a something.’
‘Well, what?’
‘It made a noise.’
‘A frightening noise?’
‘No, no.’
‘A musical noise? A noise of scuffling?’
‘No, but a very loud, respectable noise —-
Like groaning to oneself on Sunday morning
In Chapel, close before the second psalm.’
‘What did the mayor do?’

‘I was coming to that.’

The Soritean Heap.

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Dilettante is as dilettante does. Thank you for the information to search for the link I will take a look, Thankyou. You had not previously provided this information. On the Graciousness of Tim our Host, of course, Tims excellence and acuity is not in question, certainly not by me. Regarding your Blustering. Steven, our discussion is linked and people can read and make up their own minds. And in making up their Minds!, therein lies the question.
What is Mind?
My own Mind is persuaded by the great Logician and Father of American Pragmatism C S Pierce.

“Three modes of evolution have thus been brought before us: evolution by fortuitous variation, evolution by mechanical necessity, and evolution by creative love. We may term them tychastic evolution, or tychasm, anancastic evolution, or anancasm, and agapastic evolution, or agapasm. The doctrines which represent these as severally of principal importance we may term tychasticism, anancasticism,and agapasticism. On the other hand the mere propositions that absolute chance, mechanical necessity, and the law of love are severally operative in the cosmos may receive the names of tychism, anancism, and agapism.” — C. S. Peirce, 1893[2]

Pierce had considerable Nous.

and to finish with a little more Peirce. CHARLES SANDERS PEIRCE: ´´In order to reason well …. it is absolutely necessary to possess … such virtues as intellectual honesty and sincerity and a real love of truth (2.82). The cause [of the success of scientificinquirers] has been that the motive which has carried them to the laboratory and the field has been a craving to know how things really were … (1-34).[Genuine inquiry consists I in diligent inquiry into truth for truth’s sake(1.44), … in actually drawing the bow upon truth with intentness in the eye, with energy in the arm (1.235). [When] it is no longer the reasoning which determines what the conclusion shall be, but … the conclusion which determines what the reasoning shall be … this is sham reasoning…. The effect of this shamming is that men come to look upon reasoning as mainly decorative…´´.

Pierces seminal essay How to make our ideas clear is also a great starting off point for embracing such truth as we might be fortunate enough to encounter in our allotted time on this blue marble suspended in eternity.

Chrysippus Ha! you jest with me? Beware of the shaft of insoluble syllogism.

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